Pouty 2 Pouty

^ These are the two pics I found that best describe my Sunday

It was not a great day ~ We will leave it at that.  I did way too much thinking, and Meltdown Mary paid a visit…

I went shopping on Sunday and I came home to these – because I have an amazing husband and I am spoiled, basically –>


I definitely did not deserve these in any way, shape, or form, but Ben thought that they might cheer me up ~ They did make me smile and they are beautiful.  I thanked him a million times, but I really could not get myself out of my silly, annoying, sad, gloomy funk. 

I managed to finish most of the small tasks on my To-Do List at a very slow pace.  However, I was most certainly in no mood for a workout, so that is one task that did not get crossed off. 

I ended my Sunday talking to KT, who told me to stay positive and wake up to a better day, with a workout after school…

I listened to her ~ and just finished my first Brazil Butt Lift workout!  I sweated way more than I imagined I would!  But of course, before beginning the workouts – I had to try out “The Pencil Test”



^ Yes, I did this

^ Yes, it comes with the pencil

Before beginning, you must also decide which program you are going to follow – You have to decide if your butt is:

1) Pear Shape, 2) Too Flat or Square, 3) Too Big, or 4) Combination

After you choose, then you know which Blueprint to follow ~



Today I did the Bum Bum workout and the Tummy Tuck workout.  Both of these were way more intense than I imagined they would be – I was definitely working up a sweat after just the 30 minute Bum Bum workout.  Tummy Tuck was one of the best ab workouts I have tried yet ~ right up there with P90X.  I almost quit early, but I made myself finish.

Check out the status of our kitchen –>




^ Drawers, Tools, and Counter-tops everywhere (!!)

We are about to attempt to make dinner in here.  Ben says Thursday and Friday will probably both have to be Subway nights ~ which I am completely fine with!  Our new counter-tops should be finished by Saturday…

I am glad Monday is winding down ~ Have a great evening.

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