I love the weekends & Saturday is off to a great start, as always!

I started with lots of laundry and then some Beachbody Biz ~ mailing out Shakeology samples to some ladies who are ready try it out!  One of these ladies is trying to lose her baby weight – so this will be perfect!


^ Shakeology samples

Then Ben and I started our workouts – We did P90X Ab Ripper X together in the living room, and then went our separate ways…


I was not feeling a P90X arm workout today ~ I wanted a “fun” workout, so I went with Turbo Jam Cardio Party 3.  This is 50 minutes of cardio, but I could definitely feeling it working my abs as I twisted.  I wore the weighted hand gloves to increase the intensity of the workout – and I actually had to take them off for the middle section of this workout.

I have missed you Cardio Party!!

Ben headed to set up shop in the kitchen ~ with Tony Horton and P90X Shoulders & Arms.  I could tell he had an awesome workout!  I think he is really liking the intensity of P90X more than he thought he would!


And then of course, you know what…


^ Shakeology for lunch ~ Perfect!

Guess what arrived this morning after my workout!?



^ So pumped to test this out!!

Ben & I are traveling north today, and I am currently writing from the vehicle.  I brought my computer, hoping to get some BB Biz accomplished. 

For some reason or another, I have not felt like writing lately ~ Hopefully I will be getting back into the groove & have some more productive posts for you, maybe even later tonight…

Have a wonderful Saturday!


^ Having trouble getting started? Play some tunes!!