It is 7:30p – And I just woke up from my 20 minute power nap!

Ben did not get home from Vegas until 1:00a last night ~ And Lilly and I did not sleep before that.  I wake up at 5:00a, and four hours of sleep is just not enough for me – My day has been very off…

This is my plan for tonight –> short post, extremely short workout, and then early to bed so that I can be back to normal tomorrow.  I think I made it through the day because of my energy drink today.

Thank you, Energy Drink.

One of my short-term goals right now is to clean & organize my desk.  It is where I store all of my Beachbody biz, so I really want to get it cleaned up and feel good when I sit down to work.

I started this weekend – I did some major cleaning.  In the process of cleaning and organizing, I found many interesting things from my past ~

Interesting Item #1 –>


^ Planner / Food & Exercise journal from my senior year of college

I actually found an entire pile of old planners.  I have a strange part of me that cannot throw a planner away, even if it is from 2008.

A few pages ~


^ March 17, 2008

This was in preparation for my first trip to Cabo with Ben’s family in 2008.  My views on dieting and healthy eating have changed majorly since this time, but I will share a few pages anyway ~



I used this planner for everything ~ I wrote a daily To-Do list, and I wrote everything I ate, keeping track of calories, and I wrote all parts of my workout with a rough estimate of how many calories I burned…

You may recall this fun fact that I have shared before –> When I was in college, I worked out constantly – between all classes and almost every night with KT.  I recall multiple times, simply blow-drying the sweat out of my hair after a workout, before heading to class, because I knew I would come home for another workout.  Seriously, I was gross – but fit.

Like I said, my opinions of eating have changed tremendously and I do not consider the above eating habits to be healthy eating habits by any means.  I had so much time to workout back then, I loved it…

Interesting Item #2 –>


^ Miss Feldmeyer Key Ring

I made this for my interview at the school where I am currently teaching.  I bet this little thing is what earned me my position!!  The key ring is full of characteristics that describe me…


^ The “Punctual” trait is very true, but at that time, it was quite humorous because I was late for my interview that day – Even using my Garmin, I got lost and had to call the school secretary for directions!  Luckily (and also surprisingly), my principal was familiar with my small hometown and understood that I might be lost in the city!!


What an exciting find! The key ring is now hanging on my desk! What kinds of traits would you put on your personalized key ring?

That is all for this post ~ I am going to leave you with these two texts I received from a great friend…

IMG_2370 IMG_2374

^ How motivating are these?

Nicki has sent me a few small messages to let me know that my blog has motivated her, and then we usually talk fitness for awhile!  She does not realize that she motivates me also!!  And the text she sent me tonight is what has motivated to me to muster up enough energy for a small workout before an early bedtime.  First mile ever?!!  How Awesome – That is all I have to say about that!!  What a great feeling!!

Speaking of fitness and workouts, I just placed my order for BBL ~


^ Click the pic if you want to Lift Your Butt, too!! Hah!

I have actually heard many positive reviews about this program from the ladies on my coaching team ~ Excited to try it out!!


Fitness 1

If you can get yourself out that door to run, you win. You will get in better shape, feel better about yourself, and maybe you’ll grow to love running. It was tough for me at first, but I stuck with running. Running got easier, and now running is a major part of my life.  ~David Tiefenthaler

Heart  Ann