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The weekend is here – And off to an awesome start!

Perhaps this note I found on my desk from a student will help you to get a feel for a typical Friday in Room 262 ~


I found this on my desk after I took my students to lunch.  You never know what you might find when you receive a note from a student!

Anyway ~ Saturday is off to an energetic and productive start, thanks to a kick-a Body Pump workout at the new Y!

IMG_2287  IMG_2290

Look at all of this Body Pump motivation going on ~




^ Love all of that motivation and excitement!

Xocai Xe Energy Drink – KT and I tested this out today before and during our Body Pump workout.  In very basic terms, Xocai Xe is an energy drink with no caffeine, tons of antioxidants, and only natural ingredients, like sugar from fruits and also agave nectar. 

You guys know every once in a while I have a 5 Hour Energy or some sort of energy drink to keep me going – more often lately than usual.  I love the idea of this Xocai natural energy drink and do not feel so guilty about it.  The drink tastes like grape juice, and I am already loving the energy I get from it.

Want more specifics? ~ Just talk to KT or message me!



I am not sure if the energy drink has anything to do with it, but today at Body Pump, I was able to increase my weight for each track.  I do not use a lot of weight in the first place, compared to some people in class, but I am okay with that – because I know I am getting an awesome workout.

Maybe P90X has also helped me to be able to increase my weight.  Or maybe I was just extra motivated today! 

Either way, I did increase my weight for all arm tracks – but not for the lunges and squats.  I actually did the smallest weight possible for lunges because I just get nervous about working my legs out too much.  Is that weird?  Not that my legs will automatically become huge body-building-muscular-ripped legs just by doing lunges, but it is just in my head that my thighs will get bigger and my jeans will get tighter if I work my legs too hard ~ so I kept my lunge and squat track weight on the (extremely) light side.

When we got home from Body Pump, I had a PowerBall that KT made the other day.  Usually I am starting to get hungry by the time we get home from Body Pump, but today I am not at all – Maybe because of the Xocai Xe?


PowerBall => almonds, peanut butter, Craisins, flax seed, oats, honey, and dark chocolate ~ if you so desire, which I definitely do!!

Body Pump 4

^ Thank You, Body Pump

Enjoy your Saturday!  And remember…

Fitness 15

In truth, people can generally make time for what they choose to do; it is not really the time but the will that is lacking. ~Sir John Lubbock