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P90X = Holy Soreness!

My arms are jell-o and Lilly’s toy is feeling pretty heavy when I try to play, Thank You to Tony Horton.

Here is my Workout Schedule for the week so far ~ Remember, Saturday was Day #1 of my New Year Challenge 2012 –>

    1. Saturday: Body Pump Class Track #79
    2. Sunday: P90X Ab Ripper X
    3. Monday: P90X Shoulders & Arms / Ab Ripper X
    4. Tuesday: P90X Back & Biceps
    5. Wednesday: P90X Shoulders, Chest, Triceps

I am off schedule with my Challenge Group because I have been working out with Ben – on Tuesday and today he chose the program.

IMG_2263 IMG_2260

^ This is me (pre-workout) testing out the pull-up bar

I cannot do one single pull-up.  I am making it a new goal to be able to do just one.  I have quite a long way to go and a lot of work to do, but I am excited about working toward this new challenge!

And here is me (and Lilly, of course) post-P90X …


^ Done and Done

This is how I ended the program –> On the floor with head resting on weight; I stayed here for a while before finally moving. 

^ That was all yesterday; Today I stopped the workout with eight minutes to go.  Ben finished the workout, but I did not.  I know that you can always give more, but at that point, I did not feel like I had more to give…

Despite my soreness, I am loving this Challenge, getting me back into the routine of working out every day.  I am motivated to keep it up! 

I am going to start a second Challenge Group in the beginning of February!  I am getting pumped for that!  If you want more details, send a quick message and I will get you the information!  All of the coaching and motivation is done via the web, so you do not have to be close!  Are you ready to begin your transformation journey? 

^ All pictures above were taken before Meltdown Mary paid me a visit last night.  I knew it had been way too long since I had seen her, right?

Ben informed me that he has to go to Las Vegas for a four-day business trip very soon and I basically let it ruin my night.  I am glad he waited to break the news until after our P90X workout. 

Does your significant other have to travel for business?  I surely hope you handle the situation better than I do!  I was bummed out, and as if I did not have a million tasks I should have been working on, I went straight to bed after I heard the news.  

Beachbody Biz ~




^ New Beachbody Gear

Why I am excited about these?  Not because I think they are cute (!!!) – but because I earned them!!  I am working hard and this Beachbody biz is starting to take up more time than I originally planned, but I am loving each minute!  This is fun work for me, and it is finally starting to pay off – via paycheck and via results of players!  Thanks to all who have purchased from my website and all who have shared feedback on the products you have tried ~ It is really helping me to move up as a Coach and that pumps me up!!

More than that ~ I just love helping people achieve health & fitness goals, working hard to End the Trend.  Speaking of health & fitness, I just found out awesome news from my sister and I cannot wait to share it with you! 

Along with the new Beachbody gear, I also received two more magazines in the mail yesterday ~ I added them to the “No Time To Read Pile” –>


^ Honestly?  When will I catch up?  Summer?


^ Lilly, of course!

I saved the picture below when I was looking at swimsuits before Jamaica.  I wanted to share it on Turbo Teacher because I love it ~  I think this model has a beautiful, “real” body!!  You do not always see swimsuit models with a “real” body, so I was sure to save this one…

I love it and she looks awesome!