One of my biggest motivators is to see Before & After pictures.  Any long time readers of Turbo Teacher know that I am a huge fan of progress pics ~

My MUSCLE 4 Mini team members are all making sure to take their Before pictures, as we begin this journey.  I think pictures are the best way to show progress, especially when trying to build muscle & that silly number on the scale no longer means anything.

With that being said, I want to take this post to share some Before & After progress pictures from my Team on FIRE –> This is my Beachbody Coaching Team.  These ladies have done amazing things with their bodies using the products from Beachbody, and have given permission to share!

Our Facebook page is full of these pictures, and they are so motivating to me.  I am so proud of each of these ladies ~ and how wonderful they must feel to be able to post such awesome progress pictures!!

I have also tried to post the method these ladies used to lose the weight because that always makes it more real for me…

Before & After #1



Before & After #2



Before & After #3



Before & After #4



Before & After #5



Before & After #6


Before & After #7



Before & After #8



Before & After #9 ~ My own BB Coach!!

Hillary Before After

^ These pictures make me so happy ~ Just think about how much healthier each of these Rockstars made their bodies!  Was it easy? No way! Did it take time?  Of course it did – But it was worth it!

Another thing I love about these ladies is the motivation they give to each other along the way – It is absolutely amazing!! 

I think it is hard for some people to be happy for others who have made so much progress – Maybe I am completely wrong with this, but I think I had a little bit of that quality in me at one time…  Until I learned to truly be happy with myself, it was hard for me to be happy for the progress of others.  Not that I am always happy with myself and my body, because I am not at all, but I am now capable of being happy for others ~ of saying “Good job!” or “Way to go!” or “You look awesome!” to those who are achieving their goals.

There is so much praise and motivation on the Team FB page when pictures such as these are posted and it is so awesome!  I am thankful to be a part of such a motivational group of Rockstars!!!  Good work, Ladies!

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Teamplayer: One who unites others toward a shared destiny through sharing information and ideas, empowering others and developing trust. ~Dennis Kinlaw

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