Challenge 2012 has begun and changes will take place!

On the agenda today –> P90X Chest & Back / Ab Ripper X

I have already made modifications to the Challenge agenda because Mom, KT, and two great friends went to Body Pump class this morning and I could not resist joining all of them!

IMG_0277 IMG_0281

^ Les Mills Body Pump

I am going to be incredibly sore tomorrow!  What an awesome workout!  It was Track 79, which I had never done – I loved it.  My arms were Jell-o after the triceps track.  I definitely had to take a quick pause during some of the reps today, but I did not stop and Ginny, the instructor, pumped me up and made me push through it.

By the time I finished Track 79 today, even my Tervis Tumbler felt heavy to me!!  Keep in mind, it has been quite a long time since I have had a workout this intense.  I need to keep this up!

Perfect Day 1 of Challenge 2012 – I will still complete Ab Ripper X this afternoon, so I am somewhat following the Challenge plan.

Check out this motivation from Team MUSCLE 4 Mini ~


^ After reading this FB post at 11:00p last night, I was ready to workout right then and there!  This is what a team can do for me!

Again I want to share a thought from “Fit From Within” that goes along very well with my New Year “Thought” – Meals have a definite beginning and end. This excerpt will sound silly to anyone who can sit down, eat a meal, get up & not think about more food.  But I am not that person because most of the time, I think about more food. I loved this lesson, and I am now trying to adapt it into my daily eating routine.

Here is just a small excerpt of “Give Thanks Before and After Meals”

Religious people are familiar with saying grace before meals, a practice that anyone who wants to eat reasonably and has a record of doing otherwise may wish to adopt.  Obviously, if you don’t believe in the traditional God, you won’t say a traditional grace.  You might not say anything, just pause. Center yourself.  Be grateful that you have food to eat and that you’re willing to sit here for a moment without scarfing it all down as if there will never be any more.

It’s ludicrous to think of sitting in your car with bags of sweet and salty stuff that you intend to inhale in short order and say, “Bless us, oh Lord, and these thy gifts which we are about to receive…” or any other mealtime prayer.  I challenge you to try to do it.  I wouldn’t be surprised if some people could lose weight and keep it off for life by doing nothing other than eating only what they can, in good conscience, ask a blessing on.

For people who have had trouble with food, saying thank you after meals may be even more valuable than saying thank you before them.  After all, people with food issues don’t have any trouble sitting down to a meal; it’s getting up that can be tough.

Someone I know who was working to overcome an overeating pattern accompanied a Roman Catholic acquaintance to Mass.  At the close of the service, the priest said, “The Mass is ended. Go in peace.”  My friend adapted those words as an after-eating prayer: “The meal is ended.  I go in peace.”  It helped her, and her telling me about it helped me.  You may want to use it, too, or something similar.  Any simple, even silent, after-meal thank-you can be the mental punctuation that tells you the meal is over and life awaits.

What a great idea to help me with a definite ending to meals.  The beginning is not necessarily my concern, it is the ending, as I explained earlier.

One more part of my workout today, if the weather is nice ~


^ Weighted Jump Rope


I purchased this before Christmas break ~ Of course it was not even opened over my break, but now I am excited about it!  I found it at Marshalls for $7.99 – You never know what you might find there! 

I have already found some great Jump Rope Workout Routines online.  If the weather is nice again, I will be testing it out today!

Enjoy the weekend!

Fitness 26

“You focus your mind to train your body and the changes that begin to take place impact your mind as well. Dream it, believe it, and you will achieve it.” ~Anonymous

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