Friday is here ~ It has only been a two day week at school for me, but I still want to shout TGIF louder than ever! 

Check her out –>

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^ My Jamaican Lilly –

or “Jamaican Terdy” as KT and I call her when she wears her new Smile Jamaica shirt.  It fits her perfectly and she loves it!

Here are my two favorite tunes lately ~


^ Bob Marley = Loving Reggae

On Wednesday I was bummed out that my break was over, but I did really enjoy my time with my kids once I got back to school on Thursday.  Hearing all of their Christmas stories put a smile on my face and it actually made me excited about one day having a family of our own ~ one day = future.

I have a lot of moments like this, where I am excited about having a family, but then when I think harder about it, I always come to the conclusion that I am not quite ready and it could be awhile.  Perhaps starting a family is one of those things in life where you never truly feel ready.

^ Tangents (three in a row, really)…

Idiom – off on a tangent – digressing suddenly from one course of action or thought and turning to another <–

Today after school, I hurried home to pack a few items and then headed for Southern Indiana.  I have been quite the traveling machine lately ~ But I just did not get to spend an adequate amount of time at home over break, so I was longing to get back to Southern Indiana to spend more time with Mom, Dad, & KT ~ and you know they all miss the Jamaican Terdy!!

We all went out for dinner tonight and I had so much fun.  I just left home three days ago, but it still feels great to be back.

Before all of my Tangents, my point of this post was to share something from my “Fit From Within” book.  It is something that I really need to keep in mind as I start my New Year Challenge 2012 tomorrow (!!!!)

It is from the lesson called “To Weigh Less, Weigh Less” ~

We’re pretty good at knowing whether our weight is going up, coming down, or remaining stable.  The way clothing fits is another reliable indicator.  Having to move over a belt notch – in either direction – tells us something, but without the horror or elation the same news might carry if it came from a scale.

Not weighing also puts the emphasis where it belongs, on living well, not tracking numbers.  Besides, studies abound that suggest that overweight people who exercise regularly can be healthier than normal-weight people who don’t.  And a fit, muscular person can weigh more than a fat, flabby person of the same height and bone structure.  That number on the scale is a woefully imperfect indicator of either the state of your health or the quality of your life…  If you’re in the losing process, weighing once a month also allows time for something to actually happen, so you don’t have to anguish over the daily fluctuations that are natural and normal.

As I start Challenge 2012 ~ P90X, Insanity, and Hal Higdon, I know that the scale is no longer going to be a reliable indicator of my progress, because I am hoping to be building muscle.  I think I have learned quite well to use my clothes as a means of tracking my progress, along with pictures. 

I remember hearing at one point, possibly from Cassie or KT –> The more athletic you become, the less the number on the scale matters.

Tomorrow starts New Year Challenge 2012 with Team MUSCLE 4 Mini and I am so pumped for this transformation journey!  I absolutely need to get back into workout mode and I am motivated to do so after this long break!  I am very pumped for a hybrid of P90X and Insanity – Not quite as pumped for Hal Higdon, but it will feel great to get back to running.

And I could not do it without motivation from MUSCLE 4 Mini.  These girls have already pumped me up so much & we are not even started!


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