I love the comments that were left about resolutions.  Some of them really made me think – And made me feel kind of silly.

The whole time I was talking about resolutions, I focused on body & health, talking about Shakeology & fitness programs the entire time.  I am sure this is what a majority of people think of when thinking of resolutions, but there is so much more than that to be working and improving on!

After reading the comments left on the Resolutions post, and talking with KT, I decided to go back and try again, to think of my own resolutions – that did not all revolve around fitness & health. 

On my three hour drive to Indy from Southern Indiana, I did not turn on the radio once ~ Instead I did some major thinking.

Here is my warning to you –> This post is full of words, words, and more words.  It is definitely a post for myself, as I was talking about earlier.  I will love to go back and read this at the end of 2012, but you can feel free to skip over it if you would like…

I am not sure if these would be considered resolutions.  These really are things I think about and try to improve on often, but I want to start working even harder on them to improve myself & my life.

Maybe I could call these my New Year “Thoughts” ~ the things I will think about and work harder at in 2012 –>

1. God is always there, not just during troubles

I tend to talk more to God when I am having troubles or going through difficult times.  I want to remember that God is always there, and I should talk to Him and pray to Him in the good times too, not just when I am in trouble or when there is something I need.  I want to thank Him more often for all that He has given me because I am truly blessed. 

I often wonder how people who do not believe in a God & do not pray can get through the difficult times in life.  When something goes wrong, I immediately turn to Him.  I do know that I have a relationship with God, but I want to make it even stronger ~ Because it feels so good to know Him!  I attended a Chrysalis many years ago and our theme was “To Know You More” –> I feel like this theme applies to this New Year Thought…

2. Teaching is what I do, not who I am

I need to try harder to separate school life from personal life.  If I have a bad day at school or feel overwhelmed with work – Ben knows it, KT knows it, my parents know it, and it throws off my entire evening.  I really do let teaching run my life sometimes.  I know jobs are important, but I need to learn to better separate my work from my home. 

If something goes wrong at school or I am worried about a task at school, it is impossible for me to enjoy life outside of school, which in turn makes it nearly impossible for Ben.  I love my kids & they are learning so much from me every single day, and that is most important.

3. All meals have a beginning and an end

I am the person who finishes my dinner plate, then I go back for a second small helping, then for a piece of toast, and then for some fruit, then something sweet, then another piece of toast because the first one was so good ~ Not that these are necessarily unhealthy foods that I go back for, but it is like my meal never ends – it just keeps on going.  From now on, I want my dinner to have a definite beginning and definite ending point.

Here is an excerpt from my “Fit From Within” book that goes along perfectly with this New Year Thought ~

Eventually, you’ll get really good at knowing when you’ve had enough.  Then you’ll leave food on your plate or take what you didn’t finish tonight for tomorrow’s lunch.  This will happen in time.  For now, eat all you want, even if that’s every morsel.  If you’re at a salad bar or buffet, commit to going through the line just once (use two plates if they are small).  You don’t get extra points for skimping.  What is vital is imprinting on your psyche how it feels to eat a meal that has definite beginning and a definite end… You’re training yourself now to eat when it’s time to eat and live when it’s time to live.

4. Be more frugal

This is probably a common resolution shared by many, I would think.  Dave Ramsey always motivates me to be more frugal, so maybe I need to revisit his Total Money Makeover to get me back on track.

An example for me would be:  Ben & I are out shopping and I see a good deal on a body wash, so I throw it in the cart and buy it.  But is it really a good deal if I already have five other bottles of body wash at home?  Frugal = I need to use what I have before I buy more.  If I truly stick to this plan, I will not be buying body wash, lotions, or shampoo for a very long time.

Be industrious and frugal, and you will be rich. ~Benjamin Franklin


There we have it –> A short novel of My New Year “Thoughts” that do not revolve around health & fitness.  Of course, health & fitness are a very large part of my New Year resolutions, as I begin Challenge 2012 with P90X, Insanity, and Shakeology.  That is the resolution I am most excited about, but all “Thoughts” are equally important to me. 

Thank You to all who made me think about resolutions outside of health and fitness ~ I am so glad I did!  Now that I have thought of these four, I feel like there are many more I want to add to the list!

And finally, the winner of Shakeology / Thin Kitchen Cookbook:

Megan said:

January 3, 2012 at 11:21 PM

I’ve never really set New Year’s resolutions for myself. But this year KT, Tiff and I are going to make our “bucket list” of things we want to do together. My list includes doing a sprint triathalon, exploring Indiana, and going to a Colt’s game. Also, enjoy life more and not take things for granted. Slow down and enjoy the small things in life. Grow in my walk with God and help others in theirs. Try new things. Eat more nutrient dense foods rather than empty calories. Reduce the amount of sweets I eat. And increase the intensity of my exercise.

Thanks for motivating me to write these out! Now that others can read my resolutions, I can be held accountable to make sure I follow through with my goals. KT talks about Shakeology all the time and has let me try it once. It wasn’t bad, but I think I’ll have to drink it several days in a row to crave it like she does!

Please send me an email to anntitus@rocketmail.com to let me know the address to mail your Shakeology & Thin Kitchen!

It has been a great January 1 for me – Even though I disliked the fact that my break was ending, I enjoy getting back to a normal routine and I cannot wait to start on Challenge 2012.  I also want to do another Shakeology Cleanse very soon ~ perfect for after the holidays.

Here is to 2012 Resolutions! ~ Maybe I do love them!

Quote 15


I want to know You
I want to hear Your voice
I want to know You more
I want to touch You
I want to see Your face
I want to know You more
I am reaching for the highest goal
That I might receive the prize
Pressing onward,
pushing every hindrance aside
Out of my way
Cause I want to know You more
~Sonic Flood