Remember that New Year Post Part II is all about the food, Mon! 

There were all sorts of “stations” set up at the Riviera.


^ To start with, there were three “Green House” tables set up, which was all of the fixings for salad.  I visited these tables twice.  Near the salad tables, there was an assortment of breads and cheeses.  Of course I had cheese!


^ The tables were set up outside all around the patio.  You walked around the different “stations” to help yourself.

After salad, bread, & cheese, there were so many different options –> Of course, one option was seafood.  Ben & Bev stopped at this table for lobster tail.  I definitely skipped this table because I do not like seafood…


^ I am not sure what some of these dishes are and I would not be brave enough to try them, but I still snapped pics.

After the “Fishermen’s Market” came “La Boucherie” – I really have no idea what this means, but I plan to look it up when we get home.  Anyway, it is the table I stopped at because it had chicken and green beans.


After salad, bread, and cheese, I had chicken, green beans, and some sort of potatoes.  It was all delicious and my stomach was satisfied!  We all skipped dessert because we were full.  Seriously? 

Check this out ~


Even though I did not have dessert, “The Sugar Hut” was by far my favorite table.  There were so many sweet treats to choose from and they all looked almost too pretty to eat!  I would never be able to choose!


^ Delicious Sweets & Fruit Kabobs

After dinner, the celebration continued with paper lanterns, drinks, and dancing.  What a fun celebration!!!  I think this picture of Tony sums up the remainder of our evening ~


An unforgettable end to an unforgettable trip and an unforgettable year! 

Once again, Happy & Healthy 2012 to All!

Love, Ann