What an amazing celebration!  I do not even know where to begin.  All of the Sandals employees really worked so hard all day to make sure the night was amazing & perfect to ring in 2012.

Everything was above & beyond what we expected; It was a beautiful presentation, delicious food, and fun entertainment!


We started with cocktails in the Italian Lawn.  I had a vodka and Diet Coke, of course.  It was mostly all I drank this week, with the exception of three fruity drinks ~ a Hummingbird, a Jamaican Smile, and a strawberry daiquiri with no alcohol.  They were all delicious, but I always love vodka & Diets. 

The employees at the resort are so nice and friendly.  The Jamaicans always strike up conversation or they just sing.  They always stop to ask how you are doing & check to see that “all is good” ~ One day, we asked the bartender, “Are you having a good day today?” And I loved his reply.  He said, “Every day is a good day, Mon.  I have never seen a bad day.  I am just thankful for life – Every day that you have life is a good day.”

Now, this might be a little easier said by a person who works at a swim-up pool bar at a resort in Jamaica, but I also think they truly do appreciate life.  I appreciate life also, but sometimes I think it is just easy to forget and to take time to stop and appreciate – and to count your blessings.

After cocktails, we headed over to the main area – which was called the Riviera, and this is where the New Year celebration would take place! 

Here is what caught my eye first –>


^ The golden human statues


I snapped the first picture before Bev informed me that these were humans.  I completely thought they were just golden statues – And I still thought it was cool, let alone the fact that it is a real person not moving a muscle!

At the entrance of the Riviera, they had all of the glasses & champagne ready for the midnight countdown…



They emptied all of the water out of the large fountain and filled all four layers with ice and tons of champagne bottles!


^ Wow – Beautiful presentation!

And so many other drinks to choose from on the patio, too –>


^ There were two full bars like this one…



Along with a Martini Bar & a Mojito Bar


^ This bartender was singing while pouring; I always asked for Finlandia vodka with my Diet Coke.  I do not even know if it is also in America?


^ Ben was being silly already – We have not even had dinner yet!  Before dinner, we were sure to snap a few “nice” pictures together…

Nice = Not too crazy yet!


^ Happy New Year, Titus Fam!



^ Happy New Year, Hubby

Dinner was next on the agenda for the night (~7:30p) and it was such a presentation!  And it was delicious!  I took so many pictures that I think I will save them for a separate post – New Year 2012 Part II.  I know I have never seen so much food in one place at one time, and of course I snapped pictures of nearly all of it ~ so stay tuned for that!

At midnight, we released paper lanterns into the air.  I had never done this before ~ but it was an awesome site to see.  Ben & Tony did all of the lighting and releasing of the lanterns, while Bev & I snapped a million pictures.  My pictures will not describe it, but what a neat experience! 


^ Paper Lanterns – 1 per couple

Somehow, because of sneaky Ben & Tony, we ended up with four lanterns between the four of us.  We lit two on the patio and then took our other two down to the beach for releasing…



^ Love this one


Though you cannot tell it by my pictures, this is a neat site to see!  A great way to start ringing in the New Year.  After releasing the lanterns on the beach, we hurried back up to the patio, where the countdown began!


A band played before, during, and after the countdown.  There were actually two bands – Soul 4 Soul and Legal Vibrations. 

After Jamaica, I have a new love for Reggae music and Bob Marley.  I cannot wait to download some of his songs on my iPod.  Ben & I even did some research at the hotel about him because we were so into him.  Among other things, we found out that he died in 1981 of melanoma.  Two of my Bob Marley favorites are One Love & Buffalo Soldier.

Anyway ~ The New Year celebration continued until about 12:45 for Bev and Tony, while Ben and I stuck around to dance until about 1:30… We knew that we had a long day of traveling ahead of us.  I ended the evening by dancing and drinking a bottle of water.


Cheers to a Happy & Healthy 2012!  I cannot wait to see what lies ahead!  Do not forget to count your blessings and appreciate life every day!

Love, Ann