Look at this ~


The customs slip that Ben just filled out on the plane –> dated 1/1/12!

Cheers to a Happy and Healthy New Year 2012!

While we were gone, Ben and I were discussing and reviewing the past year.  He asked me – when you think of 2011, what do you think of? 

I think of our wedding, of course.  As we talked about it, we realized that 2011 was really a roller coaster ride for us, especially for Ben – which means me also.  It was full of the highest highs, such as getting married & a new job for Ben, and also very low lows.  I am so thankful that we went through it all together, the highs & lows, and were here for each other, whether we were celebrating or supporting.  I do not know what I would do without him!

More about the New Year soon!  But first ~


Goodbye Jamaica!  I am finally getting around to recapping my trip via Turbo Teacher.  We are heading home today, which gives me more time to catch up on the posts ~ I am writing from 37,000 feet in the air right now!

Day #4 and #5 were a bit more low-key than the day we went on the catamaran to Pelican Bar, but still loads of fun! 


^ We spent some time relaxing on the beach, did a few activities, and also took time to do some exploring down the beach, off the resort property.



^ Kayaking was a great arm workout!  The only workout I did while I was on the trip, actually.  I took workout gear & there was a fitness center and before I left I was all about working out in Jamaica.  But the beach was just calling my name much louder than the fitness center, you know…

We also did more sailing, now that Ben is a master captain.  I think we took a sailboat out almost everyday in Jamaica… 



^ Captain Benny


^ Pizza on the beach for lunch

And lots of exploring – When you get too far down the beach, you have to sign out with a guard, because you are no longer on Sandals property.  There were lots of twigs, trees, and grass on the beach.  And lots of crabs!



^ Yuck!


Two wonderful & relaxing days at the beach!  And the evenings were a lot of fun, too.  We watched shows, ate dinner, and visited the Piano Bar again.


^ Bev and I at Casablanca Piano & Martini Bar ~ I had some very fun times and made lots of new memories with my mother in law…

It was great spending so much time with Bev & Tony on our trip.  Even though we only live about 10 minutes from them, it seems that we do not see them often.  They shared a lot of stories & memories with us!

It is always a boring day to travel home – But I am very excited to see Lilly and my family on Monday!  I really miss them so much.  I bought Lilly the cutest shirt from Jamaica ~ I can’t wait to share a picture with you!

And look what is coming up on my next post –>


^ New Year 2012 agenda!

The resort put on the most amazing party and I cannot wait to share all of the pictures – Well, not all of them because I took thousands!  It was such a great way to ring in the New Year.  The staff worked so hard all day to make sure everything was perfect for the evening ~ And it was!

Check in tomorrow for New Year 2012 Part I post! ~ There is so much to include I think I will do two posts on the evening.

It is a good feeling to be heading back home.  Jamaica was wonderful, but there is really nothing like getting home – especially when you get to see the cutest puppy ever and the greatest family in the world.  I cannot wait!

Love, Ann