I opened the computer and said to Ben – “I have so many great pictures from yesterday, It is going to be hard to blog.” 

It is Wednesday morning, so I am now getting closer to blogging real time, but I still will not post this until this evening.  Normally, I would have written yesterday’s post last night, but it was a pretty late night – late for Ben & I anyway.  We have not stayed out that late at home in a long time!  But we both took naps on rafts in the pool yesterday, so maybe that helped…

We will probably be napping on the beach today also.

We started yesterday with breakfast at 8:30a, then met at the pier to board the 54 foot catamaran.  It was an awesome boat!


^ Stopping along the way by the pretty flowers







^ Lots of pics of Benny

We relaxed on the boat & enjoyed the view.  After about 20 minutes, it was time to stop to snorkel.  I wish I had an underwater camera to share that experience, as well.  It was amazing!

After snorkeling, they started serving drinks and snacks and playing the music.  The DJ actually had a nice set up on the ship ~


^ DJ and Ben

We finally made our way to a very rustic bar in the middle of nowhere called “Pelican Bar” – words cannot begin to describe this place!  I have so many awesome pictures of this place, I may end up doing an entire post on it later.  For now, I will share just a few to give you an idea –>



^ Pelican Bar ??

When we first came upon this hut, we thought this surely could not be it.  Turns out it was, in fact, Pelican Bar…

We took a small lifeboat to get six people at a time from our catamaran to Pelican Bar.  We stayed for about an hour at this little place!





People left all kinds of stuff hanging in the bar and there were carvings everywhere, to let you know who had been there.  We found a few from Indy, including a Go Colts.  On the red license plate we actually found the name of someone we knew – a guy who works with Ben’s dad!




Talk about a unique experience!  Pelican Bar was one of a kind!

We returned to land about five hours after our departure that morning.  What a fun way to spend our day!  And the evening was just as fun, with a white party, a band, and even a chocolate bar!  Yum!



^ Chocolate Bar


^ My plate, including chocolate covered fruit kabob


^ Lots of singing, dancing, & entertainment

Finally, to end a wonderfully exciting day, Ben and I headed to Casablanca Martini & Piano Bar for a piano sing-along.  This was loads of fun, with everyone in the bar singing along with the piano!




This was a great way to end a great day!

It is actually now 2:00a on Thursday night, so I am getting behind on posting.  This post has been written in pieces because I had so much I wanted to share.  I will have to get caught up tomorrow, or when I get back home!

Love, Ann