I just fell asleep as I was opening to start writing ~ I woke up with my computer still on, still on my belly, and my blog staring me right in the face! Day #2 post will have to be very short and sweet –>

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I am posting a day behind real time – because it took us awhile to figure out this Wi-Fi in our room.  Plus, I hope to write at the very end of each night and post the next day…

We started out Day #2 with an amazing breakfast, complete with omelet making – Yum!  I had an omelet with pepper & onion, topped with salsa, a small potato, and some fresh cantaloupe. 


After plate #1, I went back for a piece of whole wheat toast and peanut butter and more fresh fruit.  It would be very easy to eat way too much on this trip – I am trying not to do that…

After breakfast, we headed straight for the beach.  Check out all of this sunscreen Ben & I packed.  Like we will ever use all of this!


^ All varieties available…

I go with Aveeno SPF 70 for my face and Neutrogena spray SPF 45 for the rest of my body.  No sunburn today!


^ I applied this four or five times throughout the day

Check out what we saw on our way from breakfast ~



Peacocks –> Beautiful Birds!



^ Pretty creatures

I could not stop snapping pictures of these peacocks.  There were four or five of them all gathered outside a small restaurant.  They were all very calm and let me get very close.  I love the back feathers!  I actually also learned that these are all male peacocks.  The females are not nearly as pretty.

We spent a lot of time on the beach lounging & reading.  We also took a ride on the sailboat – Ben was captain.  He took a quick lesson on how to guide a sailboat, and then we were off! 

While on the beach, I read this book that I received as a gift last Christmas.  I am glad to finally have a chance to read it!


^ “Fit from Within” – 101 Simple Secrets to Change Your Body and Your Life – Starting Today and Lasting Forever…

I love the book so far and I enjoy reading the small lessons.  I have marked many ideas that I want to share on my blog.  As I read, I enjoyed glass after glass of water.  It tasted great in the hot weather.


^ Ben is reading John Feinstein – “A Good Walk Spoiled”

The sun set at 5:45pm this evening…


^ We watched this before going inside to clean up.


We met Ben’s parents at a Greek restaurant called Neptune’s.  I had a Greek salad and grilled chicken.  Both were delicious and filled me up.  I had two vodka & Diet Coke’s with dinner, and lots of water.

This was our first full day & it was great.  I am exhausted and we have a lot planned for tomorrow – starting with a 4 hour catamaran tour.  We are meeting Ben’s parents for breakfast at 8:30a, which means it is now time for bed.  Ben is already snoring beside me…

M&D, KT and Lil ~ Miss and Love you all very much!

Love, Ann