Hey Man – Ja Man, Jamaica Man!

Monday, December 26, 2011

We are here and I am not sure how this post is going to turn out.  Our resort does have Wi-Fi, but even my blog post looks so strange.  I hope it turns out alright & I hope I am able to post a few times during our trip.  I will be missing a lot of pictures that I took on my phone today, because my phone is on Airplane Mode, Powered Off, & in the safe.

I know that when I get back home and look over the posts from Jamaica, they are going to annoy the crap out of me ~ But for now, I am just going to post and try not to let myself get annoyed by such things as font, spacing, words at the end of paragraph, etc…

What a wonderful first night in Jamaica!

We started with a two hour flight from Indianapolis, Indiana to Orlando, Florida.  From Orlando, we had a two hour flight to Jamaica.  After arriving, we caught a ride on a van to our resort – The Whitehouse.

Here are a few pictures I snapped on the crazy, scary ride over ~



^ Jamaica

Some sites actually made me sad.  Seeing these sites made me very interested in how these people live their lives –> Do they go to work?  Do the children go to school?  What kinds of jobs to do they have?  Why do they have so many goats tied on leashes??  Many of the people seemed to be standing around… All kinds of questions ran through my mind as we drove past their homes…

Finally, after driving about an hour and twenty minutes or so, we arrived at our destination –> The Whitehouse resort ~


^ We are in the French Village…

Our room is so cute ~



Heart on the bed ~


Kind of an old Victorian feel to our room – maybe?



And a very colorful bathroom ~


After getting settled in our room, we headed straight to the pool to meet up with Ben’s parents –>



^ Ben & Dad (top) + Swim-Up Bar


^ My Hubby & Red Stripe

I was actually very hungry, because I had not eaten much today.  My first meal was a salad, a small baked potato, and a couple crackers with cheese – It was delicious & I ate it all!

I love cheese way too much…


Ben’s parents have already won a private dinner by the beach by having their room number drawn out of a basket!!! – I am so excited for the two of them because they totally deserve it.  I was even thinking in my mind how if she drew our room number, we should give it to those two.

I have already been called up on stage to learn a Jamaican “Shake your hips forward and back and side to side” dance… Ahh!  How embarrassing ~ I am glad I took the camera with me, so Ben could not snap any photos of that!!!

Ben & his dad bought cigars to end the night ~


^ Yuck!

Well, actually the end of the night was the dessert plate that Ben’s dad went to get.  I could not eat any because I had already had plenty to eat ~ and tomorrow is another day!!


^ Dessert Plate – I passed!

I had a wonderful first half day in Jamaica.  I definitely miss my family and have lots of updates on family time / Christmas time…

I plan to do Christmas updates when I return home from Jamaica.  For now, I want to buy an internet package that is available for the entire week here at the resort – This is how I plan to communicate with my parents and my Lilly…

Plenty more pictures to come!

M&D, KT, and Little Lil ~ I love you all and miss you so much! 

Love, Ann