I am finally home in Southern Indiana and look what I am using a ton of ~


^ Tissues = Cold  -> Christmas Cold? Great…

I am so excited to be home, but I am already not feeling well.  It stinks!  I hope I am not getting a cold or sickness of any type.  I just want to be healthy and feel great for my break.  This figures…

I took Tylenol Cold and I have now parked myself on the couch with a blanket & pillow, Kleenex, computer, and phone.  I am trying to at least do some Beachbody Biz while I sit here going through Kleenex.

I did manage to get this done before I felt too blah ~


^ Surprise gift for Ben (!!!)

I cannot wait for him to open it!  He has no idea what it is!  I ordered it to my parents home, wrapped it tonight, and set it up against the wall to wait for Christmas.  I love the saying that goes – Tis’ better to give than to receive.  I never understood it as a child, but now I know how true it is.  I am way more excited to give my gifts than to receive anything. 

I worked this morning and then headed home with KT.  This has already been such an awesome Christmas Break and it has barely even started.  I know that it will fly by, though, and I am already sad about that.  I just love being here with my family and Lilly.  I cannot wait for Ben to join us tomorrow!



^ Snacks of choice for our travels

KT picked the Rold Gold Everything Bagel pretzels and I picked the Beef Jerky.  We both had a Diet Mountain Dew, of course.

We had a full vehicle, which meant lots of unpacking when we got home… These were our Santa gift bags – to get gifts from Indy to here ~


^ This one was a wedding gift

^ The “Ann” is a DVD travel case that I use to store all of my workout DVDs when I travel.  One of my best friends made it for me!!  I love it and it is such a handy way to keep them all together.



^ This one was a Christmas gift from a student

I love these bags from Thirty-One.  They are so convenient and they were the perfect Santa travel bags today.

Guess what time it is?  Time to watch Elf with Mom & Dad!  We watch it every year, along with Christmas Vacation.  The funniest movies ever ~ These are sure to make me feel better!

Do you have a favorite Holiday video?

Quote 7 Elf

A family is a unit composed not only of children but of men, women, an occasional animal, and the common cold. ~Ogden Nash

^ Ok, this is not the family quote I was looking for, but I had to post this one instead because it is completely perfect for my family tonight…