Not to worry, I have decided to focus my mind on a topic other than my favorite sister KT for this post ~


^ Wow! It feels good to close out of this program!

This is my Morning Message Flipchart and it is constantly minimized at the bottom of my screen because I use it every single day!  I just closed out of the program because I will not need it for the next two weeks!!

Hello Christmas Break!

Today was filled with all kinds of Christmas activities in the classroom.  The students also finished up our Christmas craft…

Remember, I showed you this picture ~

Christmas Craft

^ Well, I became last-minute overwhelmed by this craft, so I decided against it, even though I had all materials needed…

I went with this one instead ~



^ Snowflake Magnets

I think they turned out very cute!  I am happy with them, especially after adding the final touch of glitter today!

I have many pictures to post to my Room 262 blog, which is my blog for classroom parents.  But I really wanted to write on here first…


^ Here is my current status…

I had all intentions to be doing this at this time, but as you can see, I am not.  I do not want to stay up late, so this will be a quick post and then I will get to packing.  KT and I have already packed up all of the gifts and they are ready to travel home with us tomorrow.

I am excited for an extra hour of sleep in the morning.  I usually get up around 5:00-5:15a, in order to get to school around 6:45-7:00a.  However, I will not be in a rush tomorrow because my kids will not be there.  KT & I have plans to wake up early for a workout, maybe around 6:15a.  If the weather is like it was today, we could even go for a run.

Then I am going to get ready quickly & wear sweats to school.  I am going get there by 8:25, no earlier.  And I am going to try to be productive! 

This is just such a wonderful feeling.  I wish I had a few extra hours tonight to enjoy this feeling of “the first night of break” – I love it.  I am looking forward to an awesome two weeks.  I am going to use every minute wisely, whether here or in Jamaica – starting with my workout tomorrow morning.


^ I used my 15s today after school to do some arm exercises.  Just looking at this picture makes me ready to do some more.  I hope to do a few more arm exercises, push-ups, and BOSU before bed –> Packing keeps moving farther down my list, but it must be done!!!

My arm exercises were nothing intense.  I actually did a few sets, then I would run somewhere around the house to do a small task – then I would come back to the weights, then run somewhere around the house to do another small task, such as pack a little something or put something away.

Every little bit helps ~ Seriously.


Ben & I were making Shakes & dinner at the same time tonight:


^ Salad ingredients + Shake ingredients


^ Mine –> grilled chicken, egg whites / I try to get all the yolk out, goldfish, parmesan cheese, FF Italian, pepper — Yum


^ Ben –> breaded chicken strips, eggs / with yolk, tomatoes, onion, Ranch dressing (Really? Is there Ranch? I can barely see it?)

Love salad night.  KT had peas with parmesan.

I love that I have had readers tell me they now love peas with parmesan.  Hah, this makes me smile!  I always feel a little bit silly sharing some of these food ideas ~ but I am glad some enjoy! 

Along those lines ~ I love the small positive messages some of you have sent me about Turbo Teacher.  It is great to know that you are reading, and feeling motivated, and even using some of my non-cooking food ideas.  Thanks for the messages ~ They motivate me to keep posting.

Sometimes I feel silly for posting, because even though this is supposed to be a healthy living blog, it often veers off the path and ends up with no real point, you know?  Some people blog all sorts of delicious recipes, others blog about running marathons and physical fitness, others blog because they are amazing writers, or awesome at crafts…

I just blog.  I try to focus on healthy living, but it is more just my life ~ the ups, the downs, the all-arounds… I started blogging for myself two years ago and essentially it is still for myself ~ except that it is public now. 

It is crazy to think that Turbo Teacher has been running for two years now.  It gives me something to look forward to and something to look back on.  Check out one of my very first posts –> it was actually written during my Christmas Break of December 2009!!

Anyway ~ Thanks for the positive Turbo Teacher messages!

Today I am thinking of a great friend who passed away three years ago today.  And even more, I am thinking of his family that is still here without him.  Life is always crazy, but I truly believe everything happens for a reason.

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Thinking of You & your fam today & always

Those we love don’t go away,
They walk beside us every day,
Unseen, unheard, but always near,
Still loved, still missed and very dear.

~ Anonymous