Today I took a half personal day at school to spend some quality time with my sister while she is in town & give her part of her Christmas gift early.

Hair Salon ~


^ Before & After

As a grad student @ IU Optometry School, KT has way more on her mind than going to the salon – As an early Christmas gift, I gave her a trip to see my beautician in Indy!

She wanted to get rid of the highlights.  Looks awesome!  I love the new cut & color KT got today.  She is still getting used to it, though…

We had a lot of errands to run today & tasks to accomplish.  I used this little notepad to keep track.  I got this from Grandma Titus for Christmas & it is actually so perfect, even though she had no idea I would love it!


Remember when I mentioned “7 Habits of Highly Organized People” ~

Write Everything Down:

FREE your mind. Rather than trying to rely on your memory to recall when that appointment is/was, the name of the movie or book you’d like to check out next, or recall the phone number or address of that new friend or business contact – WRITE it down. I’ve learned to always carry a small pocket notebook with me to record various things throughout the day. Then, when I’m given some random bit of information that I know would be helpful to recall later, or if I’m struck with a personal bright idea I just jot it down quickly and return to my day as planned. Later, I’ll ‘download’ these various notes to a more long term list or calendar.


After reading this, I started to carry a small notepad with me everywhere I went – it was just a small, old one I had in my desk…


I loved writing down reminders as soon as they popped in my head, and it did help me to stay organized and not forget things quite so easily. I have been doing this for a few weeks now, so I loved this little gift!


^ Before & After

The new one is made of tin, and it is perfect for carrying in my purse without getting torn up, crinkled, ripped, etc…  Thank You Grandma Titus, for helping me attempt to stay organized!

After hair appointments and a Costco trip this afternoon, KT and I finished the last of the gift wrapping ~ Finally!!


^ Excited to finally be finished!

We ate dinner around 7:30p and we are trying to wait about one hour to let our food digest – then we are going to attempt a small workout before bed.  At least some type of AB workout is in order ~ We are thinking Ab Ripper X from P90X.  That is the best AB workout ever!! 

What a great day with my sister –> I wish we had the opportunity to have many more of these days than we actually do because there is no one I would rather spend my day with!!! 

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^ Sisters

Tomorrow is Wednesday = Last day of school with students before break!