Monday evening is here –> Whew!!

And this Monday evening is way better than most, because my sister is coming to town after the IU game tonight!!  I cannot wait for her to get here!  She is staying for a few days until my break starts!  We have both been looking forward to this for weeks now! 

KT and have the most special bond in the world.  We became even closer with the loss of our older brother, when I was 15 and she was only 12.  I look up to KT for many reasons, even though she is three years younger. 

I love having KT here with me ~ I always wish she lived with us!!  She is my very best friend and we are so happy when we are together.

I could go on & on… One of these days I will do an entire KT Post.

This morning I went to school early to get a few gifts ready and then deliver them to the appropriate desks ~



I felt like a little elf this morning – being one of the few people in the school, delivering gifts to various rooms / offices. 

My students were working on gifts & cards to give to their family for Christmas today also.  Check out a these Merry Christmas messages:


^ I thought this one was so sweet – Until the last sentence!


^ Love the last sentence of this one!

Tonight I wrapped more gifts.  Gift wrapping is such a slow process for me this year!  I seem to be wrapping gifts every few nights.  I have a couple more to go.  Maybe KT will help me with the task one night this week!?

Task #2 – Packing for Jamaica (!!!!)

We have two suitcases started – one has a spot to hang clothes up, which I love.  I got out all of the dresses I am going to take, along with shoes & swimsuits.  That is as far as I got tonight.  Ben says, “I want you to make sure you are packed before you leave to go home on Thursday.”


^ Hanger Suitcase


^ Dresses, Shoes, Swimsuits –> easy packing

Speaking of home on Thursday, I also have a suitcase going which is my “home” suitcase ~ I will be home Thursday through Sunday. 


^ “Home Suitcase” – Still empty…

I also have a bag from this last weekend when we visited Grandma Titus and had our Christmas with her.  That bag is still not fully unpacked, so it is also sitting in “my bedroom” on the floor.


Our house = Luggage City!

If I think about it all too hard, I overwhelm myself.  I will have to do a little bit more tomorrow night and more Wednesday night.  Maybe KT could help me with this task also!?

Sunday Night Task ~ Christmas Craft


^ I started these when we got home from the Titus Christmas in Northern Indiana – (This is probably why my bag is not fully unpacked!)

I made myself work until I finished all 27 frames ~


Excited to give these gifts to my kids Wednesday at our Christmas party!  Thanks to my teammate, Laurie, who shared this idea with me…


I ate an early dinner tonight because I was pretty hungry.  I needed some fuel before all of the wrapping / packing began!!


^ Peas, Goldfish, Turkey & Laughing Cow wrap!! Yum!

Now I have a few small school tasks and some more wrapping to do while I await the arrival of my BFF!!  By the time she gets here, it will be close to my bedtime, but I still cannot wait to see her!

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To the outside world we all grow old. But not to brothers and sisters. We know each other as we always were. We know each other’s hearts. We share private family jokes. We remember family feuds and secrets, family grief and joys. We live outside the touch of time. ~Clara Ortega

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