I want Turbo Teacher to be real, so I want to make sure I do not only post on the good days.  That might give the impression that my life is perfect & I have it all under control, that I always workout and always eat healthfully, which is all quite far from the truth…

I think that posting on the bad days is important, too – it is just much harder than writing about a good day.

Plus, I do not like complaining out loud, or even calling these days “bad days” because I know there are so many others in worse situations.  And when I think about that, it makes the reason for my “bad day” seem very silly –> Like missing a workout, or feeling like my body looks gross, or not getting all the school tasks completed that I should have…

Do those really constitute a “bad day” ???  Not really – But they still throw me off and bring out the Negative Nancy in me.

Yesterday, I did not have a Shake for lunch and it seriously seemed to throw off my whole day as far as eating goes.  I was starving by the time I got home from school & really craving sweets more than normal.  Maybe it is because I was so stressed out at school – or maybe it really is because I skipped my Shake at lunch time…

Either way, one of my students brought me a small loaf of friendship bread yesterday.  I tasted it before dinner and it was amazing!  After dinner I went back for another piece and I ate the entire loaf!  Seriously, all of it ~ I did not even save any for Ben to taste!  I did not feel well afterward!

I guess it happens… right?  I learned my lesson –>  Today another student brought me some white chocolate Christmas candy and I tasted one piece and immediately put the rest in the lounge to share with the other teachers.

A few Progress Pics to share with you ~

2011-06-28 iPhone Pics 2

^ Before & After

2011-08-04 001

^ Before & After

After = During (?) —> I am still working!

I love Progress Pics ~ When I start Challenge 2012 after the holidays, I am going to have all 6 team members taking Before & After pictures.  I have instructed most everyone who has purchased Shakeology from me to be sure to take their Before pictures while getting started.  I find it so motivating to go back and see the progress!!

In October, I wrote all about post-wedding weight.  The two After pics from above were taken on our honeymoon.  As I look back, I know that is my most fit self – I am trying to get back to that point, but there just seems to be more and more obstacles…

This is not the reason for my bad mood – I went from bad mood to progress pics with no apparent transition.  I think I just wanted to stop writing about bad days.  I really could not even type out the reason for my bad mood, I am just not feeling like myself.  As I often do, I am probably just thinking too hard and therefore creating problems that are not even there. 

Tonight, I am not going to sleep until I do at least 25 push-ups and 75 crunches.  I can at least get this in before bedtime gets here… And I think I will feel ten times better.

This post is heading in no specific direction at all ~ and I hope that tomorrow I have a more exciting post for you!  Tomorrow is Friday and also PJ day at school!  I think this should instantly put me a great mood, right??

Quote 10

Whatever you want in life, start today.
Not tomorrow – today.
Let it be a small beginning – a tiny beginning.
Your happiness depends on starting today – every day.

~ Jonathan Lockwood Huie

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