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Happy Saturday!

Lil & I are up early this morning – @ 6:45.  Lilly is having her play time & I am straightening up. I started with my bedroom.  This is different than the bedroom where Ben & I sleep.  “My Bedroom” could also be called “KT’s Bedroom” because that is where she sleeps when she stays with us. 

Ben & I always call it my bedroom because it basically looks like my bedroom from college, with all the same furniture & bedspread.  The closet is big & that is where my clothes are.  I get ready in that room and my desk is in that room.  And this morning, that room was a mess…

For some reason, throughout the week, I have a tendency to throw clothes on that bed rather than hanging them up.  Or after doing laundry, I put the piles on that bed and say I will put it away later.  Or I pile all kinds of Beachbody / Shakeology / Christmas lists on the desk and say I will organize later.

This morning is later.  I did some major straightening in my bedroom.

Next task ~ The corner of our kitchen counter-top…


^ Seriously?  What a mess!

First of all, remember we are in the process of painting / backsplash, which is paused because we are waiting on the counter-tops.  Anyway, this our “go-to” spot where we put items that do not yet have a home – Such as:


^ Coupons, Magazines, Papers from school / work…

I read this article last night…

7 Habits

From Operation Organization blog, which I love


#2 on the list was this:

2. Keep Flat Surfaces Clear:

Clutter is magnetic. As soon as you place one random item on a counter-top, dining table, or work space, it will only attract more. Establish counter-tops as ‘no dumping’ grounds unless a particular item is used in that space every day (Like a coffee maker on the kitchen counter).

Clutter is definitely magnetic on that corner of our counter-top.  Time to change that this morning.  Check out all 7 Habits of Highly Organized People.

Friday Lunch


^ Shakeology & Banana –> Working lunch, in my room

Friday Dinner


^ Seriously, I cannot get enough…

I also snacked a lot yesterday after school, on Stacy’s pita chips.  Then I had more pita chips with my Sub, instead of peas.  For some reason, on Fridays, I act like food rules do not apply – snacking does not matter, carbs do not count, etc.  I eat more on Fridays than any other day.

After dinner last night, Ben & I watched “The Hangover: Part II” – It was definitely not as humorous as the first, but we still laughed a lot.  While watching, I attempted to wrap some Christmas gifts.

some turned out to be three


It takes me forever to wrap a single gift for two reasons –> One, Lilly.  She brings her toys all over me & the wrapping paper.  She assumes that because I am sitting on the floor, I want to play with her.  Two, I try to make the wrapping perfect.  I know that no one will notice / care about the wrapping job, except for me, but I still fold down the edges before taping and make sure there are no lumps, bumps, & creases…

Ben & I are going out of town today, but I hope to tackle Operation Counter Top and wrap one more gift before we leave. 

When we get back home this afternoon, we are going to go shopping for Christmas gifts for a 16 year old boy.  Ben’s work is pitching in to help a less fortunate family with 8 children have a happier holiday season.  We are in charge of the 16 year old son.  This could be a difficult task, but it will be fun and I am so glad we decided to help out!

And here is some motivation to find time for a workout today ~ I know I need to, no excuses…

Fitness 22

Countdown to Jamaica –> 16 days –> Oh no!

Heart Ann