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Today after our meeting – I did this…


^ Yes, I went tanning

I know it is not good for the skin, but I do not go often.  Ben and I are both trying to go before the trip, so we do not burn like crazy at the beach.

IMG_1856 IMG_1858

^ My Tanning Must-Haves

I always wear lotion when I tan.  Maybe it is because I used to work at a tanning salon and I was taught that it was not even worth going if you did not use a lotion of some sort, even if it is just your everyday moisturizing lotions.  I believe this, so I use lotion…

And I always make sure to have Wet Wipes to wipe the extra lotion off of my hands and from between my fingers, so they do not turn bronze-ish.


^ Yea Sol Spa!!! My place of employment as a college student in Btown.

When I tan, I do not use the goggles, but I always cover my entire face with a towel the entire time.  I never put lotion on my face when tanning either and I always wear makeup to help block the rays.  The skin on our face is way too sensitive – Do not want to burn it.

So yah, I go tanning ~ When I have a good reason…

A teacher at school always gives me a schpiel (?) when she knows I have been tanning.  And I do listen to her & she has really made me think twice about it, but I do still go every once in awhile.

^ from above: schpiel  -> Of course I had to Google this one…


Ok, so she gives me a spiel.  I say the word, but have never typed it.


Guess what was for dinner tonight?? (No, not salad.)  Ben had to work fairly late tonight, so we kept it simple and he picked up…


^ Subway!!! Perfect.

After school I snacked on a few of this new snack.  Ben & I picked them up this weekend –and they are delish.  We always love Stacy’s pita chips, so I was pretty certain I would love these also ~


I ate only half of my Shakeology today – on the way home from school in the warmth of my car.  I think I never really get hungry at school because there is too much running through my mind.  It was a frigid day, which means no lunch shake again.  I really need to start getting used to this coldness.

Time for grading & organizing, then push-ups & Bosu.  Along with lots of water because I am extremely thirsty tonight for some reason.

Tomorrow is Thursday! Yea!

Fitness 21

^ One of my favs ~ Love your bod.

No matter how long it may take us to over come this pre-meditated invasion, the American people in their righteous might will win through to absolute victory ~President FDR, Pearl Harbor Attack

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