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Well, today was another frigid day inside our school.

Frigid school = No Shake for lunch… I saved it for the ride home after blasting the heat and warming up.


^ Yum…

Monday Night Dinner

Last night, Ben wanted to try yet another new chicken dish we picked up over the weekend at Costco.


^ Grilled chicken breast stuffed with broccoli & cheese



Not too bad, and more importantly ~ not too bad for you.  I ate a tiny piece, and added tons of veggies.  It was delish – Another yummy dinner compliments of Costco!!

Tonight we are making salads – Yes, salads!  Look at all of this lettuce.  It is time to start cutting this up…


^ Huge bag of lettuce = $3.99, Thank you Costco

This evening I started planning and gathering materials for our classroom Christmas craft —  I think I stress out more about our Christmas craft than anything else.  I am not crafty-artsy, so this overwhelms me a little…

Christmas Craft

^ Cute!

It will be here before we know it.  Next week is the last full week!  Then a three day week, then Christmas (!!!), then you know what… Jamaica (!!!)  I have been working hard and need to keep it up! 

Now, when I say “working hard” – I do not mean working out.  I have been concentrating more on the healthy diet factor.  I need to get back to regularly scheduled workouts, too.  Right now, there is nothing regular about my workout schedule… However, I have totally eliminated candy & junk and my body feels great about that!

With that being said –>

Fitness 14

It is extra hard for me to get to the gym when it is cold outside.  All I want to do after school is go home and get cozy! 

Tonight I need to do one of my most dreaded chores – ironing.  Wahhh!  I dislike ironing more than any other chores ~ Even emptying the dishwasher beats ironing in my book.  But I must do it tonight. 

This nifty ironing blanket from Crate & Barrel at least makes the chore a little bit easier.  No dragging out the huge ironing board…


^ Nifty Ironing Blanket from Crate

Lastly ~ Shakeology sample packets available now —


Many people trying Shakeology for the first time say each packet provides enough for two Shakes.  One packet is a bit too much for the first few times, many people ease into the Shakes…

3 packets = $20    9 packets = $50  /  Price includes shipping

3 packet bundle is perfect for someone wanting to try Shakeology out for the first time.  9 packet bundle is perfect for the Shakeology cleanse!

Contact me if you are interested in this amazing Shake ~

Ben is loving Shakeology so far.  He recently received his third monthly shipment.  Ben says ~

“Even though I am not trying to lose weight at all, I have lost three pounds since I started Shakeology.  I feel better.  It is just smart.”

It is just smart. I totally agree.

Never mind what others do;
do better than yourself,
beat your own record from day to day,
and you are a success.

-H. Boetcker