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I have tons of tasks to cross off tonight, but I want to post first.  Many of my tasks include school & getting ahead…

My principal came in to observe me today (!!!!) and even though I get incredibly nervous when he stops in to watch & just thinking about what my observations are going to look like, I find that, when it is said & done, hearing his feedback motivates me to want to do more and do even better.

It is so strange because often in teaching, I feel like I am on my own – as far as how I am doing…  It is I who must decide if I am being effective, what works and what does not work with my class, and what changes need to be made.  No one is watching me to tell me if I am doing a great job or being an effective teacher, no one is constantly looking at my work to critique. 

After the observations are complete, and I am no longer nervous because my principal is my room typing away as I teach, it is actually nice to have the evaluation and know that I seem to be doing a great job with my kids.

Weekend Eats

= Salad, Salad, Salad…


^ Friday Salad ~ Scotty’s BBQ chicken / FF Ranch


^ Saturday Salad ~ Granite City’s Asian Grilled Chicken


^ Sunday Salad ~ BWW’s Grilled Chicken w/ Light Balsamic

I love, love, love salad.  (Oh really?) We hardly ever have a weekend where we will eat out all three nights, but somehow it happened this weekend…

Sunday night we met my family in Bloomington.  When we met up with Mom & Dad at KT’s apartment, my mom informed us that St. Nick had come to the house early – of course!  How convenient!

St. Nick ~



^ He even brought something for Lillian!


^ He brought me a warm headband & a Dove dark chocolate


^ He brought this Hallmark ornament for Ben

I am sure that I love this more than Ben ~ Thanks St. Nick!

And this package arrived on the porch today…

Not from St. Nick, from Beachbody (!!)


Perfect timing, because Ben & I are almost out of Shakeology.  That is why I love the Monthly Autoship program.  It comes at the same time each month and it always seems to be perfect timing. 

I am thinking I will post some progress pictures soon ~ Because I am finally making some progress, as far as weight is concerned.  Plateaus are quite popular in my book, so it is great to see progress! 

Actually – I can’t even see the progress at all, I just feel it!

It is harder now that I know there are more people reading this blog.  I used to post progress pictures all the time.  Back when Turbo Teacher started and had approximately seven readers (one of which was my sister KT, another my BFF Cassie) – it was easy to post progress pictures.

I am glad Monday is winding down.  Have a good evening!

fitness 17

^ For sure!  Keep working hard!