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Happy Saturday ~

I woke up at 3:00a and could not fall back asleep, so I spent some time grading papers.  Glad it is done with…

Remember that Aspirin I was taking?  The Aspirin that did nothing for my headaches?? I may have found a good use for it!

Check this out ~

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The Aspirin Mask – works wonders on your face.  Salicylic acid helps clean out pores and battle acne.  All you need is water & 3 aspirin tablets. You can also add honey if you want a binding agent.

Taken from the Painted Ladies website ~ Breaking Down Beauty.  Just 5 easy steps –> Learn them if you have extra Aspirin around, like I do.


Last night we decided on Scotty’s Brewhouse for dinner.  Ben & I ate here so often when we were dating in college.  There is one located in Btown and in Lafayette – we were frequent visitors, and decided to go back last night.


IMG_1781  IMG_1782

We started with drinks – I had a vodka / Diet Coke and Ben had a beer.  A bar tender recently taught me that vodka / Diets are called “Skinny Bitch” ~ I was unaware of this fact.  If I drink, I have this – always.

I love that each booth has a small TV.  Actually, I do not love it, but Ben does. 

Just incase you are planning to go to Scotty’s in the near future, this offer is valid through December 9th & I was bummed that we did not know about it, because I love Riley Children Hospital – And dill chips.  And toys.


Ben & I took our time to order because we felt like we had a lot to talk about and catch up on.  We are both so busy throughout the week, we do not always get to sit down and talk about our days / jobs / lives.

Finally we ordered chips & salsa…


The salsa was almost too hot / spicy for me to eat. 


Our waitress was very nice and our food came out very fast.  I ordered a side of steamed broccoli and a half salad – Buffalo chicken with FF Ranch.

Salad = Delicious.  Broccoli = Eh…

Breakfast / Lunch

This morning, Ben & I have been working around the house non-stop.  We have laundry going and I am cleaning while Ben puts up blinds and Christmas lights.  We just took a break for our Breakfast / Lunch ~

Ben had a Shake, I had eggs & peas.


Eggbeaters with Salsa = Yum!!  I used to eat this every day in college, but I really have not had it in awhile…


And peas, which were leftover from Thursday Subway dinner.

We have more work to do around the house, I have a workout to fit in, and then we are going to do some shopping.  I am helping my mom find a few of her gifts and Ben & I have a few more to cross off… So far I am okay about this, and even looking forward to shopping, but I am nervous about the madness & huge crowds we will find while we are out.

After Pic 6

^ This is the type of workout I want to have today.  I have not had one like this in a very long time… What kind of workout will you have today?

Fitness 18 Lazy

Hah ~ Have a productive Saturday!

Heart Ann