Shake Cleanse

To Cleanse – Definitely!

Today is Wednesday, which means Day #3 of my Shakeology Cleanse.  Even though I have made modifications, I am still feeling great about this cleanse, and I am very glad I tried it.

I can tell that what I read is true, because I am really not feeling the fatigue and loss of energy that one might think, when eating so little.  I am getting all the needed vitamins & nutrients just by drinking the Shake…

I find it so crazy & fascinating how our bodies work.

My modifications ~

  1. I used my usual Shake mixings: OJ, fruit, & yogurt. 
  2. On Day #2 (yesterday) I ate two pieces of fruit, instead of just one. 
  3. On each day of cleanse, I only ate 1 Shake, instead of 3.

Last night, I actually felt like I had extra energy when it was the time I would normally be going to sleep…  I don’t feel like I am lacking energy at all.  My body feels good –> I have eaten much less than usual and also cut out any type of junk food.  After nearly 3 full days, I feel great!

I’m actually going to do my same daily cleanse routine tomorrow also, even though the cleanse is over — but tomorrow evening Ben and I will get Subway, to end the cleanse (!!!)

Shakeology Pic 2

Fitness 16

^ Wow! Motivation, huh? Love it.

I am so glad I have started back on Shakeology regularly – Ben and I have one almost every day, including weekends now. 

I have started digging myself out of a major slump that I was in nearly a month ago, and I truly think Shakeology had a small part in this. 

About to enjoy Day #3 Dinner Salad.  Hope you had a great Hump Day! 

PS ~ Shakeology will not be part of my post in any way tomorrow!

Powerful Dreams Inspire Powerful Action. When you can taste, smell, and touch your dream, you can enroll the world.  – Jonathan Lockwood Huie

* I am not a doctor – I am speaking from my own personal experience

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