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Shakeology Cleanse

I have done some reading & research and it seems that many people have been seeing excellent results with the Shakeology cleanseIn this post, I am going to discuss the popular “Shakeology fast” in detail ~ Because I am giving it a try.  I think it is a great post-Thanksgiving idea!!

However, I am varying just a bit, because some versions I read about seem rather impossible to me…

Shakeology is a complete meal replacement shake that was designed to be used once a day.  However, for the Beachbody Shakeology cleanse, it will be taken 3 times a day for 3 days…

Hm… 3 X a day ??

The goal with Shakeology cleansing is to flush all of the junk from your system and regulate hydration levels.  While this cleanse definitely restricts when it comes to calories, you shouldn’t experience any negative side effects because you will be getting all the right nutrients from the Shake.

I also found this –> “A person eating an average American diet would have to eat twice as many calories to consume the nutrients you’ll receive while on the Shakeology detox program. It’s the perfect a program for anyone who wants a three-day jump start to looking and feeling better.”

I am not sure about “the perfect” program…

Shakeology Bag

Here is what I originally found for the Three-Day Cleanse ~

How to Do the 3 Day Shakeology Cleanse: Directions

  1. Drink 3 Shakeology shakes a day (mix with water only)
  2. Have a salad in the evening for dinner with 4 ounces of protein, 2 tablespoons of olive oil and vinegar dressing, and 1 tablespoon of flax seed, chia seeds, or hemp seed
  3. Drink plenty of water — Coffee, tea, and herbal teas are okay, as long as no sugar or cream is added.

Then I found these ~



Wow, this seems pretty strict, but the salad for dinner makes me feel better.  The snacks were not mentioned when I originally read about the cleanse. 

Anyway, I think I can do this.  It is a cleanse and I have never done one, but I figured post-Thanksgiving would be the perfect time to try.  I love salad, with chicken, and always use Fat Free dressing, so I am set for dinner…

Today will be considered Day #1 of my cleanse.  However, I did not drink a breakfast Shake and I did not drink my Shake at lunch (<- Wow, doing great on the Shakeology cleanse)…  Our school was way too cold to even consider drinking a Shake from the fridge.  I was so cold the entire day and I think it made me lose my appetite.  A cold Shake definitely was not appealing.

When I left school, I blasted the heat in my car, and when I warmed up, I finally enjoyed my Shakeology.  Here we are, 7:00p and my Shake is all I have had.  I am looking forward to my salad, but since I drank my Shake after school, I am not too hungry, it is doing a great job holding me over.

Some might be thinking:  Wow!  This cannot be healthy!

— Really?  Check this out:

Shakeology Wall


^ Two awesome photos to show all the nutrients in one Shake!

Shakeology = Full of Healthy!

I think the cleanse will be a challenge, but I also like the idea of it, at least trying it just once…  And my mind feels at ease knowing that I am putting so many healthy vitamins & nutrients into my body.

My change to the cleanse –> I will not make my Shake with water only.  Surely this won’t ruin the entire process, right?  I cannot imagine only making the Shake with water – this will be my modification.  I am a teacher, I am constantly modifying.

Okay – Shakeology Cleanse Day #2 update tomorrow.


So pumped for Sara, because I know she is going to love it and I know she is very motivated, just like me ~ And the Shakeology will help!!  Yeah!

Alright, Shakeology Conversations = Done.  Cannot help it!

Tree Decorating took place yesterday evening (!!!!)




^ My favorite ~ Benny

This was a gift for me from Grandma Titus


^ Lilly’s Favorite

This was a gift from Lilly’s Gram, of course!

I love having our tree up ~ So cozy in the evenings…

Tonight I am going to have my salad, do some school work, and then try out one of the BOSU workout DVDs.  I always use my BOSU Ball, but have never actually tried the DVD. 

I bet I will learn a lot and wish I would have done it a long time ago!


Fitness 2

^ Love this…

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