Where does time go? Seriously.

I cannot believe it is already 7:30p.  This will be a short post ~ because I have some baking to do tonight!!


Really?  Since when is melting white chocolate and putting it on a pretzel rod with sprinkles considered baking?? 

Since right now.  Because I am doing it.  And I never bake.  Ever.

I know that my mom, KT, and Ben would all agree ~ I am horrible in the kitchen.  I cannot cook, bake, or follow a recipe to save my life.  Every time I try, something goes terribly wrong.  I am lucky that Benny knows what he is doing in the kitchen, because I certainly do not.

I always said once we got married I would learn.  We have been married for exactly four months tomorrow (!!!) and still ~ melting chocolate and putting it on a pretzel rod is considered baking in my book.

I also still want to get some form of a workout in tonight.  It will be on the very extremely light side because I am still very extremely sore from our Sunday workout.  I think I will just focus on my arms tonight and do some push-ups and maybe Chalean Extreme Circuit.  Yeah!

I also did this on Sunday:



^ It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here! 

I decided to go ahead and put decorations out on Sunday, since we are heading to Southern Indiana for Thanksgiving weekend. 

I always feel like I am so far behind and have so much to do.  Doesn’t everyone?  I stress myself to the max thinking about everything I still need to accomplish.  But really, stop and think about what you have done, instead of what you still have to do…

That is what I am trying to do lately, and it does take away a bit of the stress I put on myself.  I have Christmas decorations out, I have nearly all of my Christmas shopping finished, I have all of my school plans complete leading all the way up to Christmas break, and I have even started putting my Jamaica clothes (!!!!) together in one spot to begin the huge packing process…  Those are all big tasks to have crossed off my list. 

I need to start putting some focus on what I have done & think about progress I have made, instead of constantly thinking about what I still have yet to do. 

Much easier said than done, right?  I always stress about what I need to do, but I always get it done…

I think I truly started buying Christmas gifts back in September ~ and that is not a lie.  Ben thought I was so silly…  But I dislike the “hustle and bustle” of Christmas – being at the mall with one million other people.  It stresses me out even thinking about it ~ Not my cup of tea.

Look what came in the mail today for my spoiled child:


^ Doesn’t it look like Lilly is smiling?



^ New winter coat! Perfect fit for Lillian!

Good News ~ Tomorrow is the last day of school before our Thanksgiving Break.  I am so excited for a long weekend and even more excited about seeing my entire family!  We are all spread out now and it is much harder to get everyone all together at one time –> Can’t wait!

I am off to “bake” and then a possible workout.  I think I will workout after I bake, because I am sure I will sneak some tastes of white chocolate.

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Your work is to discover your world
and then with all your heart give yourself to it.

~The Buddha