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The next few pics can quickly say all there is to say about my last 5 days ~


^ Every Day & Night


^ Chicken & Stars…


^ Refills…

Can you find a difference between Medicine Pic #1 and Medicine Pic #2 ??

Look again –>

IMG_1575  IMG_1601

Medicine Pic #1 contains Aspirin, while Medicine Pic #2 is Motrin

My cousin Leslie and my sister KT each could not believe I was taking Aspirin!  They informed me that Aspirin is a medicine that older people use for heart issues.  After learning this, I took a closer look…


Oh, look at that heart in the background.  No wonder this was doing absolutely nothing to help my frequent headaches – Duh.

Maybe this is common sense to most people, but Ben & I had no idea.  I just kept commenting on how strange it was that the Aspirin did nothing for my headaches.  After talking to Leslie and KT, I went to pick up Motrin instead.  Wow!  It actually helped my headaches – I love it! 

Lesson learned ~ Take Motrin, not Aspirin.

I am finally starting to feel better, but still not 100%.  I just cannot wait to feel normal and have my normal energy, no sinus issues, and no headache.

Mom & Dad came to visit this weekend, to help us paint the kitchen.  They brought some treats for Lilly, of course…


^ Treats and a Christmas outfit!!  Thanks Gram & Gramps!

Saturday = Painting


IMG_1617 IMG_1622 IMG_1624 IMG_1625 IMG_1626 IMG_1628

With our excellent help, we made a lot of progress yesterday! 

Today we are working on light fixtures and hardware for the cabinet.  Actually, Ben is working on those things.  Next will be the counter tops, new sink & faucet, and wall tiles.  I can’t wait to share the finished project!

While Ben is working on Project Kitchen, KT and I are going to hit the gym.  I have not worked out since Monday, due to my lack of energy, so I am really pumped to have an awesome workout.  I miss the gym…

Fitness 1

I eventually got to the Habit part of this…

For awhile I wrote down every workout and felt proud to look back at a week’s worth of hard work.  Writing down my workouts helped me to make sure I did them.  Then I got to the point where I did not really care to write it down anymore, because I knew I was going to do it every day, no matter what.  I no longer needed to write it down to help motivate me.  I just did it, without thought or question… It was a habit.

Now I am back to needing to motivate myself to go workout and hit the gym.  It is not a habit for me anymore, I do not just go without thinking about it ~ but I need {and really want} to get back to that.  There are so many excuses that seem to get in the way, most of them involving my job.  I am ready to get back to my old lifestyle, in which working out was habit for me.

Ready to make some serious changes here.

Pinned Image

Fitness 3

Yeah! Let’s go get strong!! Time for a workout with KT.