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There are very few things that can steer me off my normal neighborhood running route.  One of the few ~


^ Geese – Why am I deathly scared of these creatures??

I usually run the same exact path in my neighborhood because I have worn my Garmin many times to track the mileage.  I know exactly how many loops & turns create one mile.  I like to have a good idea of how far I am going, and I can normally do this, even if I do not have my Garmin.

But not today…

As soon as I see geese, I turn around – even if they are hundreds of feet away.  I am nervous to pass them, afraid they will chase me.  Is this strange?

Today it is insanely windy outside, but the temperature feels awesome.  I went outside for a run, but decided I should walk for awhile first.  Maybe this is all in my head, but I am pretty sure that running makes my thighs grow larger, or it must make my jeans shrink smaller.  Every time I get into running mode, where I run often, I can tell that my jeans start fitting more tightly in my thighs.  I wrote an entire post on this at one point.

In case you don’t want to check out the entire post, here is a snippet from December of 2010, when I made my discovery ~

You know, I was running like crazy there for awhile.  I still run.  I still love it. LOVE. IT!

But I have really scaled back.  I know this is not true for everyone, not at all, but these are my findings:

running = bigger thighs = tight jeans

Every time I get into running mode, where I’m running nearly every day, my pants start getting really tight in my thighs – and booty. Another teacher at school who runs is the one who brought this to my attention – She said when she runs, her thighs get bigger.

You should check out the rest of the post – because I also talk about Shakeology, way back then!!

But, like I said, I know this big-thigh theory is not true for everyone.  I have seen so many runners who have thighs the size of my upper arm.  I am probably part of the 2% whose thighs enlarge when running, but I am pretty sure it is not in my head.  I assume that running builds muscle in my thigh, which in turn makes my jeans tighter, which in turn makes me mad. 

I love muscle, but not tight jeans.

Anyway ~ I have tried to be more conscience about keeping my running and walking distances more equal.  Since I just ran Friday after school, I decided that today I had to at least match distance ran with distance walked. 

I started with walking – I walked for about two miles, then ended with running, about one mile.  Of course, these are only approximations, thanks to those crazy geese!!

I was not even going to run at all, just stick with a third mile of walking ~ but it is nearly impossible when this song came on my Pod:

We weren’t born to follow
Come on and get up off your knees
When life is a bitter pill to swallow
You gotta hold on to what you believe
Believe that the sun will shine tomorrow
And that your saints and sinners bleed
We weren’t born to follow
You gotta stand up for what you believe
Let me hear you say yeah, yeah, yeah, oh yeah

Bon Jovi ~ We Weren’t Born to Follow

I also ended with How Far We’ve Come  ~ Matchbox Twenty.  This song is very fast paced & upbeat = impossible for me to walk while it’s playing.

* I am not a Dr. – All info is based on my own opinion / experience

Yesterday on our way home from northern Indiana, we stopped for treats:


^ Ben’s treat ~ From Fair Oaks Dairy


^ My treat ~ From Subway

I truly believe with all my heart that I could eat Subway every single day and not get sick of it.  I would love to try.  My sister KT shares this love of Subway.  We usually get it when we are together. 

Speaking of ~ Last night we met up with my family and KT and her wonderful friend Katy in Bloomington.  We all ate at BDubs and spent some time together at the apartment.  I love spending time with my family.  It is rare that a weekend passes without me going home to Southern Indiana, them coming up to Indy, or all of us meeting in the middle at Bloomington.  I always feel better after meeting with them, whether for the weekend or only a few hours…

Sunday Funday –>

We ran lots of errands this morning, including Costco & Meijer for many groceries, and also Home Depot and Porter Paint to pick up supplies for the start of the Kitchen Remodel Project.

Here is what our kitchen looked like when I returned from my windy walk/run session this afternoon ~



^ What a mess!

There are tools, boxes, light fixtures, and dust everywhere.  And a new huge microwave in the middle of the floor.  Ben loves projects.

Time to prepare some Shakeology samples to be mailed off tomorrow!!

My Fitness Goal for this week ~ Elliptical / Walking every day –> smaller thighs and more concentration on my abs, which have been ignored.

Do you have a Fitness Goal for the week?

It’s the little things you do that can make a big difference. What are you attempting to accomplish? What little thing can you do today that will make you more effective? You are probably only one step away from greatness. ~Bob Proctor