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Positive Pollys ~

Cassie posted on my wall this morning.  Last night we were texting and I told her I must stop being Negative Nancy about everything.  I saw the post this morning & tried to be Positive Polly today, but found it rather difficult.  As hard as I try to be Polly, I still seem to be Nancy…

I should feel awesome right now –> I have my lesson plans done for next week and it is only Tuesday & I have all but one pile of papers graded, including papers that were collected today and even the “late / make-up” papers, which are the hardest to motivate myself to grade.  These two things rarely ever happen for me separately, let alone together!  But there is definitely so much more I need to do and work on, even though those two things are finished. 

I feel that, in teaching, it is hard to ever feel truly successful or truly accomplished – at least for me it is.  Maybe I just have a problem.  Or maybe it is like that with most jobs. It just seems that there are always so many new programs & procedures to learn, low scores to improve (with said programs), meetings to attend, plans to make, plans to improve…

I know I am doing a good job and I do think I have come a long way in three years as a teacher, & I have learned a lot ~ but I just don’t feel that I have the chance to experience the same feeling of “success” or “accomplishment” as I hear Ben often talk about, or have heard Cassie talk about. 

See ~ Negative Nancy? 

I do love my kids & seeing them grow. They make me smile – and that is all that matters! (Thank You, Positive Polly)…

Here is what came in the mail today ~


A card for me – and one for Lilly!! Her first card ever!

It is a birthday card, from Gram, of course!  My mom sends me a card every week, and this week Lil gets one also.


^ Perfect


^ Lilly loved it ~ Thanks Gram!


No worries, Lilly was definitely spoiled on her birthday.  And she is always adored wherever she goes, any day of the year!!

Here is what Lillian got from her Mom & Dad (mostly just Mom) –


Ben thinks any type of clothing for dogs is “stupid” – especially a coat because they already have coats…

Okay, I am going to go find Positive Polly and change into my workout gear and get a workout in this evening.  I think I am going to go with P90X because I really want to start that up again – and Ben mentioned even doing the program with me! 

I know I will feel better when the workout is over…

If I have trouble motivating myself to workout, I tell myself ~ I am going to put on my workout gear and do at least 5 minutes of my workout.  If after those 5 minutes, I don’t want to continue, I can stop.  Chances are, after you get 5 minutes into your workout, you will want to keep going!!

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things. ~Robert Brault