Just wanted to let you know how much I am LOVING Shakeology right now!  It has become my daily lunch for the past 8 days!

IMG_1345  IMG_1377

^My first two Shakes

My first shake was ‘eh’.  After drinking it, I think I actually texted Ann to tell her I thought it was disgusting.  I drank it, but wasn’t overly impressed at all. The second time I made one, I took a little different approach with the ingredients & it tasted much better. 

By the 4th day, I was craving a Shakeology on my walk home for lunch. Now, I crave a shake everyday around lunch time! I love the taste of them now & look forward to the feeling I get after drinking it.

I used to get super tired after I ate lunch & always felt like I needed to add a ‘Crystal Light Energy’ (has Caffeine!!) packet to my water in order to keep me going about an hour after I ate lunch ~ Not anymore! Shakeology makes me feel satisfied and energized throughout the whole afternoon.

I’ve also noticed that Shakeology has helped my skin in just these last 8 days. My face looks clearer and is currently lacking any zits… Yay! I’ve also noticed my finger-nails are beginning to grow pretty quickly and seem to be healthy & strong.  This what happens when you give your body the vitamins and minerals it needs, plus more!

I’m definitely looking forward to continuing Shakeology. I plan to keep it part of my daily routine! 

Thanks, KT