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This morning I woke up very refreshed – loving our extra hour of sleep last night.  But I also woke up feeling very sore…

And I think I know why:

Awesome Gym-time with KT yesterday

We started out on the elliptical; KT stayed on for 45 minutes, I stayed on for 30 minutes.  However, when I was 9 minutes into my time, I stumbled upon a small article in my Shape magazine.  It said that pedaling in reverse on the elliptical is a better thigh workout because our thighs are not used to working in that manner.  That makes sense, right?  Of course, I switched it up & started pedaling away backward.  I passed the article over to KT and she did the same.  I finished my 30 minutes with a reverse pedal.

Then moved on to weights & strength training.


IMG_1453 IMG_1449

IMG_1451 IMG_1453

I was excited to see a new piece of workout equipment at the gym – the Kettle Ball!  I have read tons of articles about these, but never really tried them out.  The above exercise was great & I could tell I was going to be sore!  This exercise worked my legs, arms, and core. 

Here is the guide I found for weight selection of the Kettle Ball.

Guide to Weight selection
If you are not sure which weight you need, as a rough guide
Women new to strength training should start with 4Kg
Fit Women (excl athletes) from 8Kg -12Kg
Men new to strength training should start with 8 – 12Kg
Fit Males used to Strength Training 12Kg – 16Kg
Athletes & Weight Trainers 20 – 24Kg

The smallest one at my gym was the 8Kg, otherwise I would have started with the 4Kg.  I love this new addition to my workout.

I have no rhyme or reason to my weight training.  I do not work certain muscles on certain days, even though I think that is the best way to approach strength training.  Right now, I just do exercises I know (many of which I learned from P90X) and always stick Push-Ups in between.

My goal is to set up a proper weight training schedule.  Of course, schedule or no schedule, weight training is going to burn calories & build muscle ~ and that is the important part!!!  

Speaking of weights and strength training, here is a very helpful article, also from Shape magazine.  It says everything I tried to say in this Go For the Weights post ~ but it says it in a much shorter, easy-to-understand version.  I love it and totally agree with it 100%.

Treadmill, Elliptical or StairMaster?

Also happening yesterday ~

Ben & I went to Home Depot to begin our kitchen remodeling process.  We picked up samples of paint and tile for the wall.  We took our own samples of countertops with us, because we have already narrowed that down.



We also left with a new microwave ~ much needed because we are still using the microwave Ben used at Purdue.  This one is much bigger and it will fit to be installed above our stove, which means more counter space.

And then a fun night of Fondue!  With KT and her friend Megan:


^ Ben also made Brie to start with ~ Yum!  We ate it on pita chips.





We received the Fondue set as a wedding gift & this is the first time we have used it.  The meal turned out really delicious, mostly thanks to Ben.  It was a delicious meal & a very fun night!

Lots of tasks on our Sunday To-Do List – time to get busy!

And guess what!?  Today is Lilly’s birthday ~ she is two years old!!  Excited to celebrate with her & spoil her today!!!

Enjoy your beautiful Sunday!