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Good Morning Saturday ~

Lil & I are up and at ‘em this morning.  Starting with this Monster –


^ Laundry carried downstairs, Ready to wash

^ Isn’t the laundry bag cute?  My sister gave it to us for a wedding gift.  We use it to carry laundry from the hampers upstairs to the laundry room, which is downstairs.  Thanks KT!

Followed by this Monster of school tasks –



I transformed the kitchen table into my desk last night, so I would be ready to work this morning.  Mostly just grading ~ Lots of grading.  What an exciting Saturday morning, right??

I also have some Shakeology samples to mail out and BB work to do.  AND my Sister is here this weekend, which I am so excited about!  She is going to do a Guest Post this weekend about Shakeology, because she just started it one week ago – She is going to share her thoughts.

Speaking of…



For those who have ordered Shakeology HD from me, which means you get Shakeology monthly ~ you will be getting a surprise with your Shakes for the first two months.  Month One Shakeology comes with two workout DVDs and Month Two comes with a Shakeology bottle. 



^ You also receive a calendar full of Shakeology recipes each month.  This calendar is for the Chocolate Shakeology.

And two more special items since I have written last ~


^ First step up in the BB Coaching Biz

Because I am a teacher, which I feel is more than a full time job and always, always more than 40 hours / per week, I definitely cannot dedicate as much time as some BB coaches ~ I am moving up slowly but surely.

And the most important part?  I am helping others and helping myself.  And I always look forward to it!

And special item #2 ~


A very sweet letter from a very sweet girl in my class.  This was a good way to start a Friday – the end of a very long week.

Now I am off to grade papers while Ben and KT are still asleep.  We have a lot planned for today, including a trip to the gym with KT, which I am very in need of & really looking forward to. 

And I am leaving you with an interesting fact about pimples, that I learned from my BB Coach ~

How pimples work =

Forehead is food related, Cheeks is environment related, and chin, mouth, or neck break outs are hormone related! Break outs on the cheeks can be caused by product, if your breaking out on your forehead then it is either from hair product (bangs) or food!

I’m not sure how much truth this holds, but it seems to apply to me.

Enjoy your Saturday! & Look for KT’s Guest Post soon!