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I am amazed at how much my energy level falls just from Monday to Tuesday.  I can only imagine what I will feel like by Friday of this week! 

I think this week seems extra long because our last two weeks have only been four days, due to Fall Break.  And also because I know I will be at school until 6:00p tomorrow night and 8:00p on Thursday night.

I really wanted to leave by 4:00p today, knowing I would be there late on Wednesday and Thursday.  I usually go in early because I would much rather work in the am, rather than stay after school. I usually get to school around 6:50 or 7:00 each morning ~ and that is when I get the majority of my work done.  After school I take a break (hopefully a workout is included in said break), and then I will continue schoolwork in the evening.  Ehh…

When I got home today I took Lillian for a walk because the weather is amazing.  I discovered this during our extra recess this afternoon – and decided right then that I must take Lil for a walk today.  And Lilly made it an entire mile, so I am very proud of her, because usually she does not!

IMG_1400 IMG_1392

^ Beautiful Fall


^ Excited Lil ~ Ready to walk / ^ Sad Lil ~ Ready to be home

Notice the tail in picture 1 vs. picture 2 – Poor Lilly

After walking Lil, I came home for a quick 20 minute power nap and then hopped back on here for BB tasks.  I also took advantage of this Groupon:


I have been waiting for one for Holiday Cards!!  I am excited to check out the website – I have never used Picaboo before.

I am getting ready to order a Challenge Pack from BB.  It is a great deal because I have been wanting to try TurboFire and Ben wants to start his own Shakeology ~ Perfect opportunity.  Except that BB is very backed up today because of these Challenge Packs so it is going so slow.

And then…

I am going to do some sort of workout tonight, even though I am not feeling it 100% right now.  I am thinking I might need something like TJ – Cardio Party 3 to pump me up.  I need extra motivation today!  ~ But I am not taking these tennies off until after I workout, so I better get going with it.  I know I am going to feel a million times better when it is over!  I am already dressed in my workout gear, and usually that is the hardest part.

Jamaica, Jamaica, Jamaica…

Speaking of tennies, I am loving these Brooks Trance 10 – Thanks KT!


^ Love this workout!

I am going to start keeping track of food / workouts in this notebook, like I used to.  At least until I can get back on track & back to regularly scheduled workouts and gym trips.  Since the wedding, I have really been slacking, but finally starting to get back to it – Slowly but Surely.

IMG_1389 <—Workouts / Food / Weight = Accountability

Ok ~ Time for a Cardio Party.  Plus some push-ups.  Push-ups rock.  If I have time for nothing else and no other workout, I at least find time for push-ups.  They work arms & core.  I love them ~ Thanks to Tony Horton.

Have you worked out yet today?

“The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.” ~ Thomas Edison

^ I love this quote ~ It reminds me of Shakeology!