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Sundays are always a little depressing for me.  The weekends absolutely fly by and I am never quite ready for it to end. 

Southern Indiana was great ~ because I love spending time with my fam.  Our Saturday night campfire was especially nice.  It is always great to get together with family, especially for a relaxing campfire!

Lilly got to meet her new cousin SoCo:


^ SoCo belongs to my cousin Derek & they joined us at the campfire

The only time I will ever eat a hot dog is at a campfire. I thought that was silly, but my cousin Jenna said the exact same thing – So maybe I am not so silly after all…


^ Not paying attention ~ oops

We left Southern Indiana after eating lunch with my parents today.  As soon as we returned to Indy, we started on our To-Do List:

Including groceries

Here are some of my individual purchases —


Ben & I are still very separate when it comes to grocery shopping.  We each buy our own bread, chips, snacks etc – and we even keep them in our own separate cabinets.  We just recently started checking out as one big purchase, rather than checking out & paying separately.

I also unpacked, did laundry & dishes, cleaned & vacuumed car, and cleaned bathrooms – Busy Sunday.  However, I avoided any school tasks so far today.

And this is currently roasting in the oven:


^ Yum – broccolini and red potatoes

Broccolini is a hybrid of broccoli and asparagus.

Shakeology Preparation was done by Ben tonight.  He says I am going to love my shake tomorrow! – He included:

  • frozen fruit
  • yogurt
  • OJ
  • 6 ice cubes


^ “That fruit will make them taste AWESOME” – Ben


^ KT sent this pic tonight, entitled Dinner

In regards to her Shake, she says – “You are right, I’m starting to really like the flavor of it.  I’ll probably be craving them here pretty soon.  Thanks for getting it for me Dude!”

I have some Shakeology samples to get ready for mailing tonight.  I love sending these out to people to try for the first time.


So many Good eats & Halloween treats this weekend ~ A Shakeology would be a great dinner after all of that.  But Ben wanted to grill out, so Shakeology will have to wait until tomorrow for me.

Speaking of Halloween treats, I ate plenty of them this weekend, including Candy Corn and Milk Duds.  However, I stored away most of the Halloween treats I was given (from my grandparents and M&D).  I packed them in a big Ziplock bag and will be taking them to school tomorrow for my kiddos to enjoy as rewards – One perk of being a teacher, I suppose… ?


^ Halloween treats heading to school away from me!

Dinner is ready, looks delicious, and will be followed by R&R with Ben & Lil.  Sounds like a wonderful ending to this wonderful weekend ~


^ Dinner


^ Lil is definitely ready for R&R

And tomorrow I start my serious preparation for a Beachbody in Jamaica! Talk about motivation.  More details on tomorrow’s post ~ Can’t wait!

You’re only here for a short visit. Don’t hurry. Don’t worry.
And be sure to smell the flowers along the way. ~
Walter Hagen


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