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I love the weekend!

This morning I slept until 7:15, when I had to wake up to get Lilly to the groomer for her 8:00a appointment.  I normally wake up around 5:15 on weekdays, so sleeping until 7:15 felt amazing!

I left you on Wednesday when my parents were in town to visit.  I did snap pictures of dinner.  M&D and Ben all enjoyed an easy meal of pizza from Papa Murphy’s – while I opted for some of KT’s homemade chicken noodle soup!  Doesn’t her soup look awesome?!

IMG_1290 IMG_1291

^ Delicious dinner / Fun evening with M&D

Yesterday at school, we celebrated Halloween weekend with our Fall Party.  The kids were excited all day long!  Halloween treats from my students greeted me yesterday morning…


In the afternoon, the students played Halloween games, drank some witches brew, and munched on “Creepy Crunch” – Very cute!



And I am seriously considering doing a Spelling Test Doodles section on this blog at the end of each week.  We take our spelling test on Thursday and I love the pictures I find as I grade.  There is a large blank space at the bottom of the test and while all students are finishing the test, the kids get creative. 

Here are the winners for this week ~



More Shakeology Firsts – Yeah!!


^ Nicki – Shake #1 Greenberry


^ KT – Shake #1 Greenberry


^ And a message from Abby, who loves it! 

Thanks for sharing, Girls! I am so excited you have decided to add Shakeology daily!  I know you are going to notice a huge difference in how you feel, after only a week, just like I did.  How could you not?  Look at all the vitamins, minerals, & nutrients!

To learn what the Doctors have to say about it, watch this quick video:

** If you are interested & want to know more, message me!

Ben, Lilly, and I left yesterday evening around 5:45p, stopped in Bloomington to pick up KT, and headed to Southern Indiana.



It is nice to be home with my family.  Today I am planning to visit my grandparents, cross off school tasks, and find time for a P90X workout! 

Tonight we are having campfire ~ family, friends, hot dogs, chili, schmoes.  I am looking forward to a great night!!


Happy Fall Everyone!