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Here is one thing I know ~

It is always nice to know there are other people in the same boat.

Today after our meeting, I had a quick chit chat with one of the teachers at school who I don’t see very often (= ever).  We only talked for five minutes, but found we have been going through very similar situations.  It is nice to talk to someone who knows exactly how you feel.

It was a good ending to a meeting that was not-so-good.

Actually, the meeting was not that bad…

I just need to stop being so negative when I find out about something new.  I let myself become overwhelmed and stressed out right away.  It is just that lately I feel that I might burst if I put one more school task on my list.

I feel guilty even saying that sometimes because there are so many more teachers around me who have much more going on in their lives ~ like having children, taking them to practices, trying to start a family, trying to earn a masters degree, and so on…  I do not have those things going on right now, yet I still feel incredibly overwhelmed.  I feel bad for feeling overwhelmed because obviously they have much more going on than I do, and they are handling everything in a more positive way. 

Anyway ~ Shakeology for lunch…


^ One of my students brought me an apple today!  And I ate a cheese stick from my lunchbox – I stash them in there for the week.

I just noticed this on Facebook:


Very excited to see this!  I know Nicki will love Shakeology!

My parents should be here any minute!  I am so excited!  They called last night to let me know they would be in town and would stay with Ben & I tonight.  This is just the boost I need mid-week!

I am hoping I can still squeeze in some form of workout tonight while they are here ~ Probably something in the living room so I can chat while I work it. 

Such as these:

IMG_1284 IMG_1289

^ Love the BOSU Ball & my push-up Power-stands (& Lilly)

Time to put all school / computer / Beachbody things away for the night and spend some QT with my favs ~ Mom, Dad, Ben & Lillian.  Family truly is the #1 most important – wish I could do this every night!