Friday, November 11th (11/11/11) I will begin the 30 Day Get Fit Challenge that will incorporate a Beachbody workout program & Shakeology.

I will only accept 5 people for this challenge!

I only want you to be a part of this if you are ready to take charge and commit:

  • pictures and measurements (not to broadcast – but for you)
  • one Shakeology meal a day
  • daily workout (I will tell you the workout to do based on the calendar)

I am convinced that in 30 days you will look and feel wonderful ~ and you will be HOOKED and on your way to living a healthier life!  I am already excited for you!!

I am ready to give 110% to each of these 5 people.  It will be the six of us working together, so we can see results together  — we will commit to our fitness goals and hold each other accountable. 

Starting in November, the six of us will all be doing the same workout program, drinking Shakeology, tracking our progress, staying connected in our private Facebook group, etc. 

If you are thinking “well I don’t have Shakeology” ~ well then YES what I am saying is you will have to commit to getting on Shakeology and drinking it 1x per day!!  Don’t worry ~ It is one of the best commitments I have ever made!

This will be a commitment for the 5 people I take in and I want us all to be 100% committed…

By joining my challenge you will automatically get 1 month FREE of Beachbody Club membership — this is a great tool to have for all of us because we will all be starting at a different point in our fitness so with the club membership you will get a customizable meal planner that will make reaching your goals easier.  Another bonus — 10% off all your Beachbody products and being entered into daily ca$h drawings just for tracking our workouts!

I know it sounds like a lot of info ~ right?

BB Challenge

BB Challenge 2

BB Challenge 3

It is simple, though ~ 5 easy steps for 5 committed individuals:

1. DECIDE & COMMIT to joining my Get Fit Challenge

2. Commit to a workout program (above)

3. Choose Chocolate or Greenberry Shakeology

4. Receive CHALLENGE CONFIRMATION email from me with tips on how to track progress, how to measure, recipes, fitness tips, goal setting, how to schedule workouts, how to join our PRIVATE Facebook challenge group, invite to PRIVATE LIVE Kick Off Webinar…

5. Succeed ~ Look & Feel Great!!!

To get this challenge started, and on your way to a healthy lifestyle, you need the program, the nutrition, and the support of other BB members ~ You get all of these in the Packages mentioned above.  Along with FREE Shipping!

We will workout each day and track our progress together.  We will commit to one Shakeology per day.  We will be there for each other and encourage each other!! 

We will see results if we truly stick to our goals & don’t let go. 

shakeology  shakeology 2

The end of our 30 Day Challenge will come just in time for the Holidays ~ we can look and feel our best.  And though the Challenge will be over, it is my hope that you will continue the new, healthy habits you followed for 30 days!

I am going to Jamaica over Christmas Break, and I am motivated to be in my very best shape. 

I’m ready to do this – Are you?

Let me know you are ready to be “One of the Five” – email me at and tell me you are committed!