Here is how I unexpectedly spent my Thursday:


^ In the ER


^ Here is the best husband in the world, sitting beside me for many hours


^ Here is a really great friend who puts others first, always

If I had a picture of the nurse from the Clinic where I started out, I would put her on here, too, because she was great.

Yesterday was our designated Parent/Teacher Conference Day ~ conferences did not begin until 1:00, so I thought it would be a perfect morning to get that Doctor appointment in – the one I mentioned earlier.

Well, it was not a perfect morning and it turned out to be one of the most exhausting days ever.  I still don’t know what to think about all of it.  It was an emotional day, and I definitely put meaning with the saying, “cry your eyes out” — but I think that is only because I was prepared to go to the Clinic, have the Dr. tell me that I was just stressed out, prescribe me meds, and be on my way, back to school…

Not exactly. Eh…

I went to the Clinic, which is available through school and all visits are free, and to make an incredibly long story short, I was sent from there to the ER to have tests run for a heart attack.  Seriously!??  Me?

Four hours later, the test results were great, no heart attack.

I have another appointment Wednesday to go over the rest of the results.  I cannot wait to figure out what is going on with me.  My body is being so crazy lately and I want to take care of it.  I am just annoyed and exhausted with it, I want to know what is going on, if anything, and be done.

I took the day off and took it pretty easy, which I never do.  Even on my days off of school, I usually run around like a crazy person, cleaning, grading, organizing, working out.  I just cannot help it.  Today I still tried to get things done, but just more slowly.  I am trying to see if relaxing and taking things slowly helps my chest aches…

Even if it does, it does not matter.  I don’t take things slowly, that is not the kind of person I am.  With my job, I cannot be that kind of person.  I don’t relax, ever – I don’t even like it.  I am basically like my mom ~ constantly on the go, needing to accomplish things.

Even though the results of the heart tests turned out great, I was still really scared yesterday.  I was at the Clinic by myself, because I thought the appointment would be no big deal and require no big decisions. I couldn’t stop crying ~ I was nervous about the news from the doctor and nervous about missing conferences. I just kept wishing my mom or Ben was there with me – I called both of them so many times.

I suggested to the nurse that I wait until 8:00 to go to the ER, after conferences are over.  She gave me a “look” and said it was not a good idea.  She assured me that the school would understand.  Of course, I still worried about conferences.  I called Laurie, a teacher friend, to get her thoughts on missing the conferences.  All of this happening as I “cry my eyes out”

The moment I called Laurie, she did not even let me finish before she said she was on her way to meet me.  She was at the Clinic in a few shorts minutes.  When she got there, and came inside to get me, the nurse said to her, “You are a really great friend.”  The nurse is right.

Laurie took me to the ER at IU West and told me the entire story of her pregnancy on the way.  It was a fun story and it kept my mind off of what I really wanted to worry about…

She took care of canceling my Parent / Teacher Conferences and helped me feel less worried about missing them – Even though I continued to worry all day, even while in the ER, and I am still worrying about them today.

I even get tears in my eyes as I sit here and type this and think about how Laurie was right there for me, in about 3 minutes.  I hope that one day I can be as good of a friend to someone as Laurie was to me yesterday. 

I have so many great friends and family and I am so very thankful for each of them.  I need to be sure to tell them more often!

Go tell your friends and family that you love them!!


Thank You


Heart Ann