I was greeted by an unexpected package on my front porch this evening when I arrived home from school…


From Brooks Sports??  A Brooks shoe box…


New Tennies!!!! 



^ Sweet shoes Mom!!!



Who is the Secret Shoe Sender!? — The best sister in the entire world, KT.

My sister KT, who is currently a grad student at IU School of Optometry, sent me the tennies in the mail to thank me for everything I do for her.  She is so sweet, but so silly ~ She did not need to do this!

But they really are pretty awesome, right?

She said she knew I needed new tennies and knew I would love them.  How sweet is she, seriously?!!!!  I love her so much.  And I really would do anything for KT in one heartbeat.  We have the best sisterly relationship ever. 

KT also knows I need some motivation to get back to my regularly scheduled workouts.  Here I am becoming a Beachbody Coach, loving to motivate others to workout so they can see progress like I did, but having trouble motivating myself to hit the gym…

Here is a shocking fact:  I have not been to the gym for over a week.  Almost two weeks.  I hate to even say it and I’m feeling like a blob.

I have been feeling extremely fatigued and short on breath lately, even just walking up the stairs at school makes me winded.  I have been experiencing chest pains and a tingly / numbness in my right arm.  Strange?? I don’t really know.  Last night I had my very first migraine, along with a numb arm.

I know these are all signs of stress, and that is probably all it is, so I did not take any action for the first two weeks of experiencing chest discomfort.  But the symptoms are not leaving and actually becoming more frequent.  Thanks to my Mom, KT, and Ben, I will be seeing a doctor tomorrow morning regarding these issues.

Part of me is really dreading this and I keep saying I am going to cancel the appointment, but my Mom, KT, and Ben will not have it.  Another part of me cannot wait to go ~ just for a peace of mind.  As KT tells me, any type of chest pain could be serious and needs to be checked out.  Eh…

Anyway ~ Enough with that!!!


^ A note for me as I graded Spelling Tests over the weekend… 

I am surprised a fifth grader can pick up on my need to be crazy-organized at all times in all I do throughout the day.  Thanks Val!

Speaking of grading and school, I am overloaded with tasks I need to be working on right now.  The work of a teacher truly never ends.