Hey Guys!

Bet you thought I was back in school??  Nope, still home – yesterday and again today. 

Bleh.  I do love being home and I’m getting so much done – sooo much done!  But it is hard not to think about how far behind I am getting at school with my lesson plans.  With state testing coming up at the end of February, it makes me very nervous.

Breakfast was great…

 Feb3 001

^ Shakeology Pre-blender…

Feb3 004

^ And Post-blender / Pre-my-mouth

N. facts — even though I know I have shared before…

Feb3 003


Yesterday I spent tons of time in front of my computer creating wedding registries. 

Feb3 011

I mean, I thought it would be fun.  But it’s totally not.  It is overwhelming!

Ben and I decided we would start online, so we could just take our time and look at things and compare prices and read reviews, before just clicking away the gun, as I am sure we would if we were to go to the store to register.  We are making progress, but it is much more time consuming than I had originally thought.  I’m sure the time consumption has a lot to do with me, too.  I keep putting items on, then going back to delete them — I just want it to be full of things we need or really, really want.

With spending so much time on the registries, I was just donezo with the computer.  Sitting in front of the computer for so long makes me feel tired and unmotivated. 

Because of this, my workout wasn’t stellar, but I do give myself an A for effort.  Especially since my body was incredibly sore yesterday.  I haven’t been that sore in a long time!!  It hurt to go up the stairs!  Hurt so good, of course!  Wahhhh!

Here was my workout of choice:

 Feb3 009

I did not complete all of Turbo Kick, roughly 20 minutes of it.  And PS ~ Tiff, I will get this back to you this summer!!  I love both of these workouts.  The way I felt yesterday, I knew I had to choose something fun to keep me pushin’ through.

Today my workout was a bit tougher.  I am trying not to be such a **Cardio Queen** these days, so I went with this:

Feb3 010

Haha – I did not do the Pure Cardio section, as to not be a **Cardio Queen**

I did Cardio Abs, followed by my own arm / cardio workout, which I’m going to try to share without being super confusing about it.

First, you must know, I have zero arm muscle.  I have more than I started with, because I have been working on it, but I have very weak arms – for the most part.  All my muscle can be found in my thighs instead.  Thank you Southridge Cheerleading. 

So even if this workout does not seem difficult to you, it was super hard for me.  By the end of it, I could not get thru 6 push-ups without collapsing.  Gahh…

Okay, so this workout consisted of three basic exercises.  First, bicep curls.  Second, push-ups.  Third, arm raises – I do not know a technical name for these and don’t even know exactly which part of my arm they are working – but very basic.

Feb3 005 Feb3 006 

Here’s the rotation – with 15 lbs weights:

1. Facing South / 20 reps

  • 20 bicep curls (alternating arms)
  • 20 push-ups
  • 20 arm raises (alternating)
  • 20 push-ups

2. Facing West / 16 reps

  • 16 bicep curls (alternating arms)
  • 16 push-ups
  • 16 arm raises (alternating)
  • 16 push-ups

3. Facing North / 10 reps

  • 10 bicep curls (alternating arms)
  • 10 push-ups
  • 10 arm raises (alternating)
  • 10 push-ups

4. Facing East / 6 reps

  • 6 bicep curls (alternating arms)
  • 6 push-ups
  • 6 arm raises (alternating)
  • 6 push-ups


Feb3 008  

^ Done and Done!!!

What you don’t know is that my arms are shaking in that pic.  And that I literally collapsed on my last set of 6 push-ups.  I plan to really start concentrating on my arms more than I have been.  Even if it means less cardio.

Why did I rotate direction ~ maybe you are curious  ???

First of all, it helps me keep track of my sets and how many reps I should be doing.  But mostly, it helps me feel like I’m making progress.  I know I’m getting closer to the end of my rotation and it helps me keep pushin’ through. 

It also helps to know that my reps decrease as I go.  I can say to myself, “Okay, self, You just did 20 reps, you can def do 16!”

Hope that makes sense!!! 

And PS – for those of you who click the pics and look super closely at them: Yes, I am disgusting.  I have been stuck at home for 3 days.  I have not showered since Tuesday afternoon.  Nice… 

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday!!

I am leaving you with the cutest pictures of Ben & Lil I’ve ever taken. 


Love them!