What??  Turbo Teacher blog updated?!!

Yes, today we are snowed in!


Not just me ~ Ben too…

All schools around me are closed – so dangerous out!

Here is our shared office for the day:

Snow Day Plus 039

It’s almost 10:00 and I have already accomplished SO much this morning!  I am so excited!  I have to keep this post short and sweet and get back to it!!

Here is my To-Do List…

Snow Day Plus 041

Here is what I have checked off so far this morn:

  • cleaned both upstairs bathrooms
  • completed wedding invitations (!!!)
  • cleaned the kitchen
  • finished / folded laundry

“Completed wedding invitations” is huge & took forever!!!

And speaking of “upstairs bathrooms” —> We just remodeled one of them and I am very excited to share!! 

This was my contribution:

Snow Day Plus 029

Can’t wait to try that out!! 

More pics of the bathroom to come

Remember, short and sweet.

Breakfast this morn…

Snow Day Plus 037

Snow Day Plus 038 

^ Shakeology ~ Yum!

This definitely helped me get my morning started right!

Guess who is super excited about mom and dad being home today??

Snow Day Plus 040

Ann Phone 3 009

^ Yes, my Little Lil

I really have so much to share with you guys and I’ve been snapping so many pics for you.  I’ve been so busy lately and I can’t bring myself to take the time to sit down and write a post.  It seems like I am just losing valuable minutes.

I am promising myself to make this week better than last & maybe blogging will help.

Last week was absolutely one of the worst weeks I have ever had – as far as work is concerned… I am just going to spare the details. 

Ann Phone 3 001

^ I left this on the counter top for Ben Friday morning!

I plan to take another 20 minute break later today to share bathroom before & after pics with you. 

And I also want to share with you my new fav thing that KT introduced me to…

Snow Day Plus 002


^ Above is my new Flogg! 

Details later!!

Have a great Tuesday!!