What?!!  I haven’t blogged in over a week and now twice in one day??

Thank you SNOW DAYS!

Ben and I definitely had cabin fever today!! 

This morning I did an at-home workout, thinking I would not be able to make it out and to the gym today… 

I did Turbo Jam Abs, and lunges / push-ups in the kitchen…

Feb 1 002

I did lunges down the kitchen and back (5 down, 5 back = 5 on each leg), followed by 10 push-ups.  I did this 10 times.  After each set, I made a tally mark.  When doing the lunges, I held 8 pound weights at my sides.  It was a great at-home workout.

However, we later decided we must hit the gym.  We are only about a 5 minute drive, so we braved the icy conditions.

The news says “only drive for essentials”

                   —> Hey, gym = essential, right???

Check out the icyyyy conditions:

Feb 1 005

Feb 1 006

I hate driving in these conditions, but I’m so glad Ben was willing. 

We spent an hour at the gym and I think I worked out extra hard because I felt so lucky to have made it there in the first place.  I was drenched when I left!!

More icyyyy pics…

It looks like snow, but you don’t sink into it ~ just walk on top…

Feb 1 007

Feb 1 008

^ iPhone atop ice

Feb 1 010

Feb 1 011

^ These two make me hate the ice a *smidge* less

^ Because I think they are pretty

Okay ~ Enough with the ice!!


What is FLOGGING, you ask!?!!!

I am still trying to keep my posts short & sweet, but I think the pics will do a lot of the explaining for me!!

Snow Day Plus 001 

^ Flogg arrives in the mail!  :)

Snow Day Plus 006

^ For the Fitness-Focused   <—ME!

Snow Day Plus 005

Snow Day Plus 003

^ I love the Philosophy ~ It is currently on my fridge

“Successful weight management is achieved through the ability to record and recall calories that are consumed and burned. 

By tracking your caloric activity on a daily basis, you are providing a working history of your body that will help instill healthy behavior.”

Snow Day Plus 009

^ Each page looks like this

^ One side for workout & the other for food intake

Snow Day Plus 008 

^ Workout page

Two cardio sections at the top, then strength section

Record the exercise, the level, your average heart rate, minutes, and cals burned!!

Snow Day Plus 007

^ Food page ~ so detailed…

I really love this Flogg and I am so glad KT introduced me to it!  I have often tried to somehow keep track of the food I eat and workouts I complete ~ but this just makes it so much easier / organized.

Having the Flogg actually makes me excited to track my meals / workouts.  I always try to Flogg within 30 minutes of my meals or workout. 

What do you think???  Is Flogging for you or do you think it’s silly??  Seriously, share…

Bathroom pics will have to wait ~ So not exciting compared to the Flogg anyway…

As I often do, I will leave you with a new fav quote:

Now is the only time there is. Make your now wow, your minutes miracles, and your days pay. Your life will have been magnificently lived and invested, and when you die you will have made a difference… ~Mark Victor Hansen

And as I often do, a pic of my Baby:

Ann Phone 3 017

^ Traveling in her IU sweater

No school tomorrow ~ We are iced in again.  Plan to hear from me at some point in the morning!! 

Enjoy your Tuesday evening!!