Hey Guys!  I am smiling now ~ just finished a great INSANITY workout!!

:)    :)    :)

However, for the last two days I have been the opposite of “smiling”

I think I know what it stems from…

In an attempt to get into the shape I want to be in for my special day (July 23, 2011) I came up with three simple rules that I would follow…

Ann Phone 2 020

^ New Plan / Goal

Of course I texted Cassie to tell her about this new plan.  Not only did I tell her about it, I asked her if it would be terribly annoying if I were to send her pictures of my meals – every single thing I ate. 

Um, why???

For accountability purposes.  I just felt like it would help me follow my rules if Cassie knew them and knew everything I ate…

Of course she agreed.  And yes, I am still sending her my meals.  I just snap a quick pic on my iPhone and then text it to Cassie with a small description.  I am so cool, I know. 

Anyway, I started this on Tuesday and today is Thursday.  These rules are not working for me… Specifically, the “No eating between meals” rule.  No way, not me.

Who am I to think that I can eat inhale my lunch at 12:25 and not eat again until 7:00 when Ben gets home, and have enough energy for a workout in-between the two meals???  Yah right.

Before I continue, here are a few of the meal pics I have sent Cassie…

 Ann Phone 2 022 Ann Phone 2 023 Ann Phone 2 024

^ Breakfast

Ann Phone 2 030 Ann Phone 2 025 Ann Phone 2 027

^ A Few Lunches

Ann Phone 2 028 Ann Phone 2 029

^ Dinner

Those are a few randoms from Tuesday and Wednesday…

Both days I had headaches after school.  I was hungry when I got home, but waited until Ben got home from the gym to make / eat dinner.  I just wanted to take naps.  Tuesday it was difficult to make it through my workout and I made Wednesday a rest day ~ I just wasn’t feeling the gymmie thing.

There are only few occasions where I don’t feel the gymmie thing multiple days in a row.

Today I sent Cassie this pic at lunch…

Ann Phone 2 035

^ Veggies / Toast / Cheese Stick

^ Breakfast was a piece of toast w/ spray butter

After school today I had yet another headache and all I wanted to do was come home and sleep.  I was unmotivated and had been in a horrible mood all day…

I came home and rested on the couch for a few.  I was hungry, but was trying to wait for Ben to get home.


Ann Phone 2 036

^ I sent Cassie this pic & here is the exact text description: 

“Okay maybe I suck, but I can’t even do it.  I was sooo hungry, so I’m having this snack.  I’ve had a headache after school for like three days straight & my workouts have sucked.  I am in the worst mood and I think it’s because of ‘no eating between meals’”

I ate this snack and a cheese stick and I seriously did a complete 180.  Wow!  I know some of it was in my mind, not all in my stomach… But I felt a million times better just after this measly snack!

I turned up some tunes and started on laundry and dishes (I looked at these two things when I got home from school and decided I was too tired to even think about them)… I played with Lilly for a little while and eventually worked up the desire for a workout!!!  Finally!!!

I put in Turbo Jam Fat Blaster and did one turbo… Then I decided my body needed an INSANITY workout!!  With the exception of INSANITY Abs, I have not done one of these for awhile!

My body needs this workout!

Jan 20 2011 011

^ Me and Shaun T before

^ I should have made a mad face to represent my bad mood

I did INSANITY Plyometric Cardio Circuit

40 minutes later…

Jan 20 2011 014 

^ Afterwards ~ A sweaty mess, but feeling much better!!!

^ This smile is genuine!!!  :)


Jan 20 2011 022

^ Mommm, I want a pic with Shaun T!!

I realize how dumb it was for me think that I could eat a piece of toast for breakfast, veggies & toast for lunch, and then workout and not eat dinner until 7:00 pm.  Really, Ann???

I think I got too wrapped up in trying come up with new rules and completely stick with them.  My new rules kind of suck.  I tried ~ but these rules are not for me…

I love, love, love all things workout / fitness.  I ruined my Tuesday & Wednesday workouts by not eating properly for my body.  My bod needs more food than what you saw in my above pics and I could totally see a difference in myself/mood ~ not in a good way…

Cassie has given me a lot of good tips, too – including this text reply…

Ann, I would have been STARVING w/ just those meals!  My snacks have more calories!! (And protein & fat).  If I don’t pair carbs w/ P or F – especially low cal carbs – it basically goes right thru me.  You don’t suck… PLUS, without planning it, I seem to alternate b/t low cal & high cal days, & I swear it’s doing well for my body!”

I love seeking nutrition advice from Cassie and KT!!  :)

Okay, time to get a few school tasks finished & pack for home!  So excited to go home this weekend & see my fam!!  Also, Ben and I have our first marriage class with the priest at my church on Saturday afternoon!   

Excited to squeeze in an AM workout tomorrow morn ~ 2 hour delay!!! 

Talk to you this weekend  :)

“We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand – and melting like a snowflake.”  ~Marie B. Ray

P.S. I really dislike this post and it annoys me to re-read it, so I probably won’t again.  I am still going to post it ~ just in case someone is trying the same thing I have tried for the last few days…