I love the weekend!  Hope yours is going well!

Yesterday, I planned to take pictures & document everything I ate for you guys ~ just because I haven’t for awhile…

It’s kind of like this – When I get to school, I forget about everything that is not school-related.  The moment I walk into my classroom, I forget that there is a world outside of the building. 

There are a few moments throughout the day when I snap back into reality, like if I receive an email from Ben or Cassie, or a quick text from KT at my lunch break.  But other than this, my mind is school and school only.

I am in charge of 28 fifth graders.  To think about the outside world while I’m with them, is nearly impossible.  I know that the teachers reading this completely understand.  That’s a whole new post.

This is why I snapped millions of breakfast photos and zero lunch photos.  Right now, because recess is indoor every day, my lunch usually averages 8-15 minutes.  This is not an exaggeration.  I inhale my food.  Yesterday I had some broccoli and my Shakeology.  This is okay – because it’s all I have time for.


is always boring for me.  It has to be made quickly and I have to be able to eat it on the way to school.  If these two things don’t happen, I feel like I am wasting too much of my morning on food…

I always get to school an hour and a half before my students do, but there is just always so much to be done.  Usually when I get out of bed in the morning, all I can think about is everything I want to get accomplished at school when I get there…

That’s why Friday’s breakfast sucked consisted of a rice cake and a piece of toast with butter.  I snacked on raisins while the toast was toasting.  Yum…

Jan 14 2011 001

Actually, rice cake = not yum…

so I added some jelly…

and tasted it…

Jan 14 2011 005 

^ Much better with Sugar Free Red Raspberry Preserves, my Friends

Then I snapped a pic of my new lunch box because I love it.

Jan 14 2011 002 

^ Thank you Rachael Ray!

And then I put together a quick shake for lunch

  1. Trop50 OJ
  2. Ice cubes
  3. Pineapple
  4. Strawberries
  5. 1 scoop Shakeology

Jan 14 2011 004

^ I really like the energy I get from Shakeology!

^ And I love knowing that I am putting so many nutrients in my body!



was very out-of-the-ordinary for me, but I am excited to share.

Ben’s cousin is a chef and last night he offered to cook up a nice dinner for Ben and I.  Isn’t that so sweet?!  It was delicious!  Ben & I don’t cook often, so it was such a great treat for us!!

Ben and Gabe went to the grocery while I hit the gym after school.  When I got home, I was a little disgusted when I saw what Gabe & Ben picked out for themselves…

Jan 14 2011 012

Jan 14 2011 014

^ This is the largest piece of meat I have ever seen…

^ I snapped a pic while it was cooking and sent it to Cassie to tell her about it.  She could not believe they were each eating one!

Gabe could not understand why I was so intrigued / disgusted by this.  He kept telling me to “stop being bummed out about the meat” 

Ben knew that I would never eat this “cowboy rib-eye” (???) – so they picked me up a chicken breast while at the grocery.  Thankssss!!!

I did, however, love the next dish I saw on the stove!

Jan 14 2011 013

^ Zucchini, Squash, Pepper, Onion

Yum!  My favorite part of the meal! Very spicy!

Here is my finished plate ~

Jan 14 2011 015

The mashed potatoes are actually potatoes and parsnips ~ and they were delish!  I haven’t had mashed potatoes since Thanksgiving!!

Check out Cowboy Ben’s finished plate ~

Jan 14 2011 017

Wow!  Too So much meat!

I finished all of mine except for the chicken breast, I ate half & saved the other half.  Everything tasted amazing!!  I can’t believe how quickly this filled me up compared to my normal meals.  Ben always tells me that so many of the things I eat have no substance ~ Now I think I understand this a little bit better than I did before…

Thanks for a wonderful dinner, Gabe!!

PS:  I eat meat, but not a lot of it.  I’m probably as close as you can get to a vegetarian without being one.  Meat doesn’t necessarily disgust me.  I just don’t like it in such big “hunks” as the above. 

* * * * * * *

Now it is Saturday and my to-do list is huge and I love it!

I awoke very early to get my day started ~ Cassie and I were the 6AM Chatty Kathies this morning.  It got my day started on the right foot!! 

Here are the bags I took with me when I left the house @ 7:30 AM.  They could tell you exactly how my morning went…

Jan 14 2011 018

^ These bags = My life!

  1. Purse
  2. Weekend gym bag
  3. School bag
  4. Computer bag

Yes, I have a weekend gym bag and a weekday gym bag.  That is also an entire post in itself.

I am off to tackle more of that to-do list.

Enjoy your Saturday!!  :)