Hey Guys!  Thursday!! 

I cannot believe tomorrow is Friday!  I expected my first full week back to school to go so slowly.  The opposite has happened ~ It has flown by!!

To get all there is out of living, we must employ our time wisely, never being in too much of a hurry to stop and sip life, but never losing our sense of the enormous value of a minute.  ~Robert Updegraff

I obviously love quotes – and that is one of my many favs!   :)

Tomorrow is Friday and I just found out yesterday that I have a three day weekend!  I am pumped.  I have already started making my to-do list.  I want to be crazy-productive with wedding tasks, school things, cleaning, and (of course) the gym!!

I am going to show you some quick pics of the swimsuits I received for Christmas for the honeymoon!  I mentioned them yesterday and now I am excited about them.

Jan 2011 011

^ This one is from Ben’s mom & dad

 Jan 2011 010

^ This one is from Ben!

Great pics, eh?  I snapped them  quickly the other day with you guys in mind.  I have a few other goodies I’ve been purchasing for the Cabo trip.  Winter is a great time to buy cute summer dresses at great prices!  I will share those at some point.  I think writing a post about all of this will help me kick it into gear!!!

I had to take a Rest Day from the gym today ~ as my life got in the way once again.  I have so many school tasks that I needed to work on this evening so I won’t be swamped this weekend.  It worked out well because I am so SORE from Turbo Jammin’ yesterday!!  It really works my bod in different ways than the  gym does.  Soreness is a great feeling and I haven’t felt it in awhile! 

This (so-called) post is my break from grading papers.  Maybe that’s why it sucks.  I told myself I had to finish three piles before I blogged.  It is time to get back to it, though. 

I plan to do a 15 minute Turbo Jam Ab workout at my next break in about 45 minutes. 

Being a teacher is more time-consuming than I ever imagined! 

Have a Happy Friday!!!  :)

January2011 016

PS:  ^ This little pooch of mine gets herself trapped in the laundry room by pawing the door open and then having it accidentally close behind her.  I hear her whining right now ~ so I better go to the rescue!!!  

Also, I wanted to share this with you & forgot.  A question my student asked me yesterday:  Miss Feldmeyer, did you know it is like 5 degrees outside with the windshield?”  Really?  Wow.  I hate windshields.  I love my kiddies.

Ok, seriously this (so-called) post is done! 

Have a Happy Friday!!   :)