Wahhhhhhhh!!!  :( 

I hate snow.  I am sick of cold weather!!

I miss you, Summer…


^ Ben and I ~ Cabo

We took a trip to Cabo with Ben’s fam my senior year of college.  Wow!!  This pic looks amazing right now ~ so warm & sunny.  We are going back for our honeymoon in July!!

The cold weather is just really getting to me these past few days.  We do not have a lot of snow on the ground anymore, but I dread even stepping outside.  Today we had a 2 hour delay.  I did not get notice until after I was up and showered.  I did laundry, dishes, and school work in my extra time.

Tangent, anyone?

The cold weather seems to make me less motivated to hit the gym.  Today after school , I hopped in my car and put the heat on full blast for my drive home.  It takes me nearly 20 minutes to drive from school to my gym.  By the time I get to the gym, I am so nice and toasty in my car, it is hard to get out!  Today, I actually just pulled into the gym parking lot, looked at the disgusting slush on the ground all around me, thought about how cold it was outside my car, then pulled right out of that parking lot & headed home!!!  Really.

I was bummed about this, but it turned out to be a great thing! 

Why??!  Turbo!!

turbo Jam 2 turbo Jam

^ Turbo Kick & Turbo Jam Kickin’ Core

This was the most fun I have had working out in a long time!  I haven’t done a Turbo Jam workout for awhile, as I have spent most of my workout time at the gym.  I am so glad I skipped the gym today and busted these babies out.  Awesome cardio session & so much fun!!!

Even though the wedding is half a year away, I am feeling like it is crunch time for me.  I really want to be in great shape for the big day and the week that follows ~ which I will spend in a swimsuit. 

I received two new swimsuits for Christmas that I am saving for the honeymoon!!!  They will be some major motivation for me!  I took a few pics to share, but I want to do an entire post about my new goals, new plan of attack, and my new workout journal! 

I was doing some major cleaning over my Christmas Break and I happened to find my old Cabo Journal, where I wrote all my workouts and recorded everything I ate ~ for the few months before my Cabo trip with Ben’s fam.  I can’t wait to show you guys! 

All of the talk about honeymoon / Cabo / goals = my next post.

* * * * *

I hope everyone is doing great!  I can’t believe tomorrow is Thursday!!!

& Thursday = Jersey Shore!!  :)  

PS:  Did you know Snooki wrote a book?!

snooki book

^ Snooki Booki

Do you plan to read it?  Do you watch Jersey Shore?

* * * * *

I will leave you with a quote that I love ~


And a Christmas pic with two of my favs ~

Ann&Lil and Ben

^ Me, Lil, and Ben

Talk to you soon!!  2 days until a great weekend!