Well, so much for my “end-of-the-week” check-in that I was talking about at the end of my last post…

Elementary Education  + Christmas ~ that’s all I will say…

I would love to talk your ear off right now, but I’ve got a few more tasks to cross off the to-do list.  A quick update sounds good, though.

Check out my latest check-in:

12-2010 001

Yay!  I am pumped because the scale is finally moving!  :)

PS ~ No time for painting toes until Christmas break gets here!

I really think it has a lot to do with my Shakeology shakes that I have been trying out.  I have one every day for lunch (among other things), and I really do feel more energized.  I used to want to fall asleep on my drive home from school – not anymore!!  Extra energy = major plus!

Check out the n. facts:


school 008

I am one of those people who never thought I would eat “one of those green healthy shakes” because “they look disgusting” — But I am really loving these shakes!!  Today, one of my little boys saw me drinking it & I overheard him tell a friend, “Miss Feldmeyer’s drink looks like poop!”  Thanks, Nick.

I do think I will be ordering more very soon!

Besides the Shakeology, I have really changed up my workouts quite a bit lately.  It could be a very long story, but I’m going to make it quick.

You know, I was running like crazy there for awhile.  I still run.  I still love it.  LOVE.  IT! 

But I have really scaled back.  I know this is not true for everyone, not at all, but these are my findings:

running = bigger thighs = tight jeans

Every time I get into running mode, where I’m running nearly every day, my pants start getting really tight in my thighs – and booty.  Another teacher at school who runs is the one who brought this to my attention – She said when she runs, her thighs get bigger.  This just never crossed my mind, ever.

I have now substituted the elliptical and power walking.  I run once a week or so, but no more.  And it’s really hard for me – I mean I have to really use my will-power to keep myself from taking off running while I’m walking on the tready. 

Yesterday, my workout consisted of walking for 70 minutes on the tready – at 2.0 incline and 4.6 speed.  I do love it and really get into my music.  But it’s just hard not to run.  I can already see my pants fitting differently, though, so I’m going to keep it up.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

What a great day today!!  My last day with my students before break begins.  They are so sweet!  I could tell they were up to something, when they kept whispering to each other, asking me to go outside of the room.  I could just tell something was going on ~ which always makes me a little nervous.

Another teacher came to my room and pretended to need to talk me.  Apparently my kiddos got her in on this, too.  Then I made a quick trip to the copy room to move my Shakeology shake from the freezer to the refrigerator.  This is all happening in the five minutes before school begins…

I walk into the room… SURPRISE!! :)  Merry Christmas!! –> They all yelled!

All of my students were gathered in the front of the room and they were each holding a flower!  Aw!  I just love them!

Dec 2010 021

Dec 2010 016

I was really dreading this day because it is always so loud and so crazy.  I need quiet and structure when at school ~ and that just does not happen these last few days before Christmas Break… But I actually had a lot of fun with my kiddies today.  They are all precious and I could just talk about them forever right now!!!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

But I won’t…

This weekend I was super productive!  I had a huge to-do list and have crossed off every single thing by now!  I love this feeling.  Especially since I was really looking forward to going home to Southern Indiana and just felt like I had too much to do to travel…

12-2010 012

^ Checkin’ thangs off

We finally finished all the gift wrapping!!  A few festive pictures for you…

12-2010 002

12-2010 003 

12-2010 015

12-2010 01312-2010 014

Ben and I both worked really hard all day on Saturday, so we went out for dinner and drinkies on Saturday night.  Speaking of drinkies, I have not had any in quite a long time…

12-2010 005 

12-2010 008

Which resulted in pictures like this one after only two drinkies…

12-2010 007

^ Just being silly

And I will spare you the others…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

And a flashback — St. Nicholas gifts for Lilly:

School 12-2010 001

       School 12-2010 004 

Now she barks at her stocking every night, thinking there will be a “freat” in it!! :)

Great catching up with you guys ~ Hope everyone is doing well!!  I plan to post more frequently over my break, so keep checking in!