Hey Friends! 

What a great weekend in Southern Indiana.  I love spending time with my family!  This weekend, it was just Lil & I.  Ben stayed in Indy to put up the Christmas lights (!!!)



^ Mom & Lil

Ready to see this new product I’m trying out!?!!

I was pumped when it arrived on the porch four days earlier than expected.

From Beachbody…

11-30-10 010

11-30-10 011


11-30-10 014

11-30-10 015

11-30-10 018

12-2-2010 002

Including the shake I had this morning, I have had only four shakes total ~ But so far, I love it!!  

A personal trainer actually suggested the product to me.  I had looked into it before and let it go, but he made me feel that I should give it a try.  I like the taste ~ no complaints.  I always saw the Green Monster on various blog sites and thought I would never be able to eat a green shake.  They just look disgusting to me.  But now, I’m drinking them and I actually like the Greenberry Shakeology shake better than the Chocolate.  I feel that the taste is all I am able to comment on so far, as I have only had four of them.

Shakeology update in a few weeks :) 

On a completely different note, check out Little Lilly’s new Christmas stocking!  I am so excited because it will be Lilly’s first Christmas!  And her first snow!!  I cannot wait to see her reaction to the snow (!!!)

11-30-10 020

11-30-10 021


I know this was short and snappy.  I’ve accomplished so many school tasks this weekend, so I can start the week off on the right foot.  I’ve spent so much time with Mom, Dad, KT & my grandparents.  It has been such a wonderful weekend. 

All Pics 394_2

^ Insanity in my parents’ basement


Enjoy your Sunday!  :)

I am planning a check-in for the end of the week!